Productiv Delivers Strategic, Proactive Approach to SaaS Renewal Planning

Renewal Calendar’s centralized data drives stronger collaboration among IT, Finance, and Procurement business units

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Productiv, the leading enterprise SaaS Management Platform, today announced the Productiv SaaS Renewal Calendar, a single data source for all contract data, renewal timelines, and SaaS application usage information. This centralized system of record arms enterprises with complete visibility into their SaaS renewals in a single location. With today’s announcement, business technology leaders are empowered to proactively drive successful renewal planning and effectively negotiate with vendors, helping to operationalize a more effective, efficient renewal process.

“Managing and negotiating SaaS renewals can be a difficult and time-consuming process, from buying and provisioning to understanding how the SaaS application is being used across the organization. When you factor in the hundreds of SaaS applications in use at a company, the process can be overwhelming,” said Jody Shapiro, co-founder and CEO, Productiv. “The SaaS Renewal Calendar transforms renewal preparations and planning from a reactive to a proactive process. This not only provides a single place for shared, comprehensive data to drive a collaborative approach to renewals but also opens up new conversations among IT, finance, and business units about their respective goals and needs. These conversations ensure the application portfolio is thoughtfully planned to ensure everyone in the organization has the applications and license types they need to be productive without buying too much or too little, or buying duplicative applications.”

The new SaaS Renewal Calendar is a critical component of the Productiv SaaS Management Platform, offering a simple and insightful overview of all upcoming SaaS renewals. Enterprises can avoid surprise auto-renewals and prioritize their renewal preparation based on time, size of renewal, and the strategic value of the particular application. The Renewal Calendar’s centralized, cohesive view gives IT leaders the usage data they need to make smarter decisions about their SaaS application stack.

“With Productiv’s calendaring feature, what’s been amazing is getting that 30, 60, 90-day view of what’s coming… so I can better prepare myself with very deep analytics of the usage patterns before I talk to the vendor,” said Jim Fazzone, vice president of IT, HashiCorp. ”I think that’s really one of the big keys for us, is understanding what our true use case is to better shape the conversation and then keep finance aware that these things are coming.”

“The visibility and insight that Productiv provides into how our applications are being used enables our Procurement and IT teams to partner closer than ever before and is changing the way we adopt and manage technologies within our organization,” said Sheel Patel, head of strategic sourcing & procurement at Okta. “Productiv provides us with the insights we need to reduce license waste and improves our team’s productivity since we no longer need to manually track our portfolio and renewals.”

The Productiv SaaS Renewal Calendar visualizes key renewal data in both a graph view and a calendar view. Features and capabilities include:

  • Renewal Calendar Notifications — Set up notifications to be emailed or sent via Slack when a renewal is imminent so everyone is on the same page that it’s time to dig into the data for that particular application. Subscribe to notifications for all apps, or choose to be notified on an app by app basis.
  • Centralized Contract Data — Securely upload your contracts. Productiv ingests and processes the raw contract data to provide a simplified view of your financial and commercial obligations so that as the business evolves, adds vendors, or modifies contracts you can still stay ahead of your renewals..
  • Feature-Level Engagement Data — Application engagement data down to the user- and feature-level arms teams with all of the data they need to effectively negotiate each SaaS renewal.
  • Data-Driven Recommendations — Rein in costs and right-size your application licenses with recommendations based on Productiv’s deep understanding of each application, including associated pricing packages and tiers as well as usage to significantly reduce the license cost if users are currently at a higher tier.

Productiv’s SaaS Renewal Calendar is available now to all Productiv customers. For more feature and capability details, please read the Productiv blog.


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