Orion’s Tech-led Unification Drives Vision for a Superior Advisor Experience

Top Provider of Advisor Tech, TAMP, and Investment Services Reveals New Unified Brand Identity and Business Strategy

OMAHA, Neb.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Orion Advisor Solutions, a provider of financial advisor technology and investment solutions, today announces the completion of its brand unification, aligning Orion Advisor Services and FTJ FundChoice under a single vision and strategy. First announced in April, the decision to unite the Orion Advisor Solutions entities under a shared brand identity represented the next step in a broader initiative to provide all Orion clients with innovative technology, investment strategies, and brand experience.

“The outward result of our efforts over the last 12 months is a visual rebrand—new names, new logos, new imagery,” said Chief Marketing Officer Kelly Waltrich. “But what has really happened, is a redefinition of who we are as a company and how we will serve our clients. We can now deliver what we believe is a more cohesive suite of wealth management solutions than what can be found anywhere else in the industry.”

Under one identity, Orion Advisor Solutions (Orion) and its subsidiary brands—Orion Advisor Tech (formerly Orion Advisor Services) and Orion Portfolio Solutions (formerly FTJ FundChoice)—will work in tandem, sharing technology and capitalizing on their combined strengths to bring disruptive innovations to the way advisors do their work. Among the most immediate benefits of the brand unification will be a more connected enterprise platform, providing a full spectrum of technology, investment strategies, and support services that are scalable to meet the needs of even the largest, most complex financial institutions.

Recognizing the demand for efficient, customizable solutions to catalyze growth, Orion also announces a much anticipated technology update to its turnkey asset management program (TAMP), which will be released in phases to ease the adoption experience for advisors. Today marks the launch of Phase 1 for new advisor technology, unlocking powerful new features:

  • Rep Dashboard: An easy-to-navigate rep dashboard showcases recent activity, contributions and distributions, top five strategies, and more—with the ability to take quick action when necessary.
  • Reporting: Advanced reporting features include an intuitive dashboard to easily locate and run client reports and defined queries, in addition to the advanced rep-level insights needed to make more informed business decisions.
  • Financial Planning: Financial planning tools powered by Orion’s recent acquisition of Advizr provide greater insight into a clients’ financial picture, with the ability to aggregate financial data in a single platform and connect it to trackable financial goals.
  • Client Account Overview: A comprehensive account dashboard reveals key client information, including recent login activity, contact preferences, and beneficiary details—as well as household data and the underlying registrations and accounts.
  • Client Servicing: Advisors can submit work requests and check their respective statuses and other vital information in real-time on one convenient screen.

In the upcoming months, Orion Portfolio Solutions advisors will enjoy:

  • Streamlined Proposal Generation: The simplicity of the current step-by-step proposal process will be amplified by new functionality, including the ability to accommodate legacy holdings, integrate a custom tax-managed sleeve with security, sector and ESG screens, and more.
  • Tax-Efficient Trading: New tax management capabilities will let advisors rebalance at the household level and harvest losses to offset capital gains through a new tax-loss harvesting dashboard.
  • Transparent Billing: Advisors will be able to calculate future earnings with an income projection tool, as well as track their past, current, and expected payouts with a transparent dashboard.
  • Integrated Compliance Suite: Compliance tools to help firms reduce regulatory burden and better prepare in the event the SEC requests an audit.
  • Next-Generation Client Experience: Intelligent, time-saving tools like Event-Based Notifications will enable advisors to automate the creation and delivery of custom-tailored text and email communications based on unique triggers, like model changes, birthdays, and RMDs.

“We’re redefining the meaning of ‘turnkey’ with this update,” said Cory Kendall, Executive Vice President for Orion Portfolio Solutions. “Our new TAMP technology lets our users meet the complex needs of their clients at a speed and sophistication we couldn’t have imagined before combining our efforts under one brand.”

“We began this process by asking ourselves how we could better fill the gaps advisors still encounter in their businesses,” said Eric Clarke, CEO of Orion Advisor Solutions. “Very quickly, we recognized the potential to present a more competitive offering to a marketplace demanding a next-generation platform experience, featuring the technology, investment strategies, and hands-on support for advisory firms of all sizes need to operationalize their vision for success.”

Eric Clarke is supported at the executive level by Ryan Beach as Chief Operating Officer; Kelly Waltrich as Chief Marketing Officer; Kyle Hiatt as Chief Revenue Officer; Bill Wostoupal as Chief of Strategic Relationships; Randy Lambert as Chief Operations Officer; Brad Burgess as Chief Technology Officer; Trent Mumma as Chief Product Officer; Chad Boyer as Chief Development Officer; Daniel Applegarth as Chief Financial Officer; Kylee Beach as General Counsel and Secretary; Rusty Vanneman as Chief Investment Officer; Hussain Zaidi as President, Financial Planning; and Mustapha Baassiri as EVP, Financial Planning.

“We have only begun to scratch the surface of the opportunities ahead for our organization and the advisors we serve,” Waltrich added. “This is a whole new Orion, and we can’t wait to show the marketplace what that means.”

About Orion Advisor Solutions

Orion Advisor Solutions offers a personalized financial management continuum, including best-in-class advisor technology and investment strategies to help fiduciary advisors realize their unique vision for success. Through our subsidiary organizations, Orion Advisor Tech, Orion Portfolio Solutions, and CLS Investments, our clients range from boutique RIAs to enterprise-level firms, all of which use Orion’s innovative and deeply integrated solutions to better serve their clients, win in a crowded marketplace, and build strong, profitable businesses. Learn more at www.orion.com.



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