New Case Insert Protects From Cellphone Radiation While Protecting the Earth

Penumbra Brands partners with Pela to provide an elegant, sustainable and simple solution to a complex problem facing cellphone users

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#CellPhoneAccessories--Cellphone users now have an environmentally friendly way to protect themselves from cellphone radiation. Penumbra Brands, creator of alara technology™, is collaborating with the sustainability brand Pela, known for making durable, 100% compostable phone cases.

Pela is the first company to have a licensing agreement with Penumbra Brands and its patented alara technology™, which reduces exposure to cellphone radiation by up to 80% while maintaining the phone’s signal quality.

Pela has announced a custom-designed, biodegradable insert called Ethos that fits easily inside any existing Pela phone case. Ethos contains a micro-thin alara antenna that automatically pairs with the phone to dramatically reduce exposure to cellphone radiation. Instead of shielding or blocking radiofrequency (RF) radiation, alara redirects it away from the user, making it possible to provide protection while keeping a strong signal. Ethos is currently available for iPhone 11, 11Pro, XR and 8.

“With Penumbra Brands and Pela, you can protect yourself from cellphone radiation in a sustainable way,” said Gentry Jensen, Penumbra Brands CEO. “Ethos provides an effective way to protect your health while protecting the earth.”

Other radiation-reducing products use rudimentary shielding materials that block antenna signals, causing the phone to transmit at a higher power to compensate for the lost signal. Not only does this counteract the benefits of the shield, but it also drains the phone’s battery.

“The devices we use everyday release low levels of EMF that can pose potentially serious problems to our health. The industry at large has not done enough testing to give us confidence that there is no risk,” said Matt Bertulli, Pela CEO. “Our agreement with Penumbra Brands, combined with our dedication to sustainability, allows us to tackle another monumental issue we face today, cellphone radiation.”

Penumbra Brands’ alara technology™ has been independently tested by RF Exposure Lab, an accredited cellphone test laboratory. In those tests, the Pela Ethos insert with alara technology reduced radiation by as much as 80% percent in situations simulating normal use.

When using Ethos equipped with alara antennas, cellphone users can feel less worry knowing they are better protected against harmful radiation.

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