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Movebutter Launches Online Supermarket


SAN FRANCISCO — Startup Movebutter is launching an online, direct-to-consumer supermarket. The next-generation grocery store is building an entirely new food value chain by making everything in small batches and never holding stock. Movebutter is built around making better food accessible and affordable to everyone. With this entirely new supermarket infrastructure, Movebutter is making the farm-to-fridge vision a reality.

The company has received a round of undisclosed funding from Silicon Valley investors and celebrities, which include: Y Combinator; Liquid 2 Ventures, a seed-stage VC firm co-founded by Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Joe Montana; Matthew Bellamy of rock band Muse; Kima Ventures; Altair VC; The San Francisco 49ers; First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund; The House Fund; Beluga Capital, founders of Caviar; Fundersclub; the Marzotto family, owners of Hugo Boss; and over a dozen more.

The online supermarket will ship food from the nation’s greatest producers, directly to consumers. By removing middlemen and overhead from the regular grocery model, Movebutter has made high-quality groceries affordable but also been able to grow faster than any other grocery store in the country, already covering all 50 states. The company sells only its own brand of high-quality staples, removing the cost of marketing that’s borne by the customer and making grocery shopping a far more seamless experience.

“Movebutter is based on a very bold and minimalist vision: make better food available and affordable to everyone,” said Movebutter CEO and founder, Chai Mishra. “We’re taking on the entire, ancient trillion-dollar supermarket industry. These funds and these partnerships are going to supercharge that effort. So far in that fight, our main weapons were better technology and a radically better model. But now, we have the support of the world’s greatest company-builders, and we could not be more fired up for this.”

Movebutter plans to use its new funding to rapidly expand operations to sign up more customers and even better suppliers. The company hopes to increase the number of distribution centers across the United States.

“Movebutter has forged relationships with some of the best suppliers in the country and has, through an innovative approach, found a way to get their groceries to anywhere economically. Suddenly, it doesn’t matter if you’re in California or New York or Alaska. Consumers can now better access and afford the best tasting, highest quality food anytime. We believe they’re going to reshape the food industry and couldn’t be prouder to partner with them,” said Jeremy Fiance, Managing Partner of The House Fund.

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