MOPIC To Launch Glasses-free 3D Monitor and Digital Signage at CES 2020

- By using Samsung’s 4K monitor as hardware, MOPIC builds trust with customers by guaranteeing quality

SUWON, South Korea & LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#3D--MOPIC will launch its glasses-free 3D Monitor & Digital Signage at CES 2020, which will be held from January 7th to 10th in Las Vegas.

This year, MOPIC will showcase 3 new products.

1. Digital 3D Signage (4K, 32”)

MOPIC’s Digital 3D Signage (4K, 32”) is a Glasses-free 3D signage that can be easily viewed under different angles. Users can expect outstanding advertising effects compared to normal digital signage.

MOPIC will introduce [3D Template] to utilize the digital signage in various business sectors during CES.

Customers can select templates and send simple images and texts, which are converted into a 3D advertisement by MOPIC technology.

It will be a strong alternative to existing contents creation tools which are expensive and difficult to maneuver, besides a solution for the chronic problem for popularization.

Glasses-free 3D Monitor and Digital 3D Signage use Samsung’s 4K monitor as hardware to build trust with customers by guaranteeing their quality.

2. Personal 3D Monitor (4K, 27”)

MOPIC’s Personal 3D Monitor (4K, 27”), based on accurate eye-tracking technology, is a personal display that allows user’s full immersion under any circumstances.

By connecting the 3D monitor with a PC through an HDMI cable, users may visualize the data that’s currently being processed in real-time stereoscopic 3D view. The 3D monitor may also be used in stand-alone mode without being connected to the PC.

MOPIC will not demonstrate only stereo 3D video with the 3D monitor, but also show the 3D-visualization working environment at CES 2020.

The monitor can convert side by side images into real-time stereoscopic images without 3D glasses. Real estate, medical, education, in-car display, and games are recommended to use its glasses-free 3D monitor.

3. Tablet 3DVR Viewer [HoloGlass]

MOPIC also will present HoloGlass, a unique 3D film that converts your tablet into a 3D/VR device.

If attached onto the front screen, HoloGlass will convert your tablet screen into 3D. Without the need for 3D glasses or HMD, users may easily demonstrate a close-to-reality visual of business-related 3D contents such as 3D modeling, 3D graphics, etc.

MOPIC will be exhibiting in LVCC, South Hall1 ARVR&Gaming Zone #21648.


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