LemonadeLXP Offers Access to Course Material in Content Exchange Hub

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LemonadeLXP, the learning experience and digital adoption platform for financial institutions, has launched its content exchange (CEX). The CEX is a library of canned courseware which LemonadeLXP clients can download to use in their digital training programs. After downloading training modules, LemonadeLXP clients can customize the training modules or use them as-is. Currently, the hub features more than 40 courses ranging in subjects from cybersecurity and anti-money laundering to customer service and financial literacy.

“The content exchange is meant to help our clients launch their LemonadeLXP instances faster,” said John Findlay, CEO of LemonadeLXP. “Before the exchange, they needed to author content, or have us do it, before launching. Now, with the content exchange, LemonadeLXP is truly plug and play. Clients can go live in as little as a couple of days.

“Through the exchange, we’ll continue to develop engaging new content that makes training fun and effective. We’re also developing partnerships with content producers which will make the content exchange an increasingly rich resource for our clients,” Findlay continued. “The CEX will allow financial institutions to select courses immediately to meet their current needs and act as a resource to revisit when those needs change,” Findlay added.

Users can also upload their authored material to the CEX in order to share it with others. Any changes to the material will result in automatic updates.

About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is a learning experience and digital adoption platform for financial institutions. It's the only platform that combines an addictive learning experience for training onsite and remote staff, with a digital adoption platform that allows for the rapid deployment of technology walkthroughs to support frontline staff and help customers migrate to digital channels.


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