Leading Outsourcing Provider, TaskUs, Allows Employees to Work-From-Home Until Year’s End – and Have a Peaceful Weekend, Too!

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#RidiculouslyGood--TaskUs CEO and co-founder Bryce Maddock announced to all teammates that TaskUs is extending its work-from-home (WFH) policy through the end of 2020. TaskUs is the first global outsourcing provider in the world to do so. Similarly, TaskUs was the first global outsourcing provider in the US that allowed remote work as early as March 18.

Major companies all over the world have announced that they are allowing their employees to WFH until at least the end of this year. However, first-time remote workers become more prone to burnout as boundaries between work and life blur like never before. Fortunately, companies like TaskUs are taking the lead in creating a healthier WFH environment for their people.

No Friday meetings, no weekend chats

“With 20,000 employees working from home around the world, we understand the challenges of living and working in the same space. We must deliver for our clients and ensure our employees are not only surviving, but thriving in this new model of work. We are making this announcement now, so our people have the clarity they need to make long-term plans for themselves and their families,” said Maddock.

Employees are encouraged to maintain work-life balance. Maddock also announced meeting-free Fridays. He encourages employees to avoid chatting colleagues on weekends, and to take personal time-off that is allotted to them.

On top of this, TaskUs is helping their teammates transition to the WFH environment and develop a healthy state of wellbeing by providing access to in-house life coaching and self-directed wellness programs. Employees are encouraged to pursue personal passions outside of work which give them a sense of direction and purpose in a time of global uncertainty.

Balancing work and family life

Parents who need to guide their children through distance learning are given schedule flexibility so they can focus on their families without sacrificing work productivity.

“This pandemic has reminded us of what matters most. We take pride in the work we do, while ensuring we are there for our families and loved ones. At TaskUs we are proud to put people before profits,” Maddock stated.

TaskUs has sites in New Braunfels and San Antonio, Texas and has a permanent WFH business model, called Cirrus. Cirrus is 100% cloud-based, built with information security at the forefront and a robust VDI technology which recreates an in-center environment on an at-home computer. To date, TaskUs has hired more than 2,000 employees under Cirrus permanently, supporting their newest and existing clients across multiple industries such as online education, retail and healthcare industries. They also have over 20,000 employees working remotely temporarily.

TaskUs has offices across the U.S., the Philippines, India, Taiwan, Mexico, and Europe. To know more about TaskUs, visit its social media pages @TaskUs or www.taskus.com.



Rohj Mariano
Media Relations Officer, TaskUs
rohj.mariano@taskus.com / mediainquiries@taskus.com