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Kyndi Closes $8 Million Series B


PALO ALTO – Kyndi, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) products and solutions, announced the closing of its Series B fundraising round. The major investors taking part in the $8.5 million round include PivotNorth Capital, Darling Ventures and Citrix Systems. This brings Kyndi’s total funding to $12 million. Kyndi has doubled in size each year since it was founded in 2014.

“I believe  that Kyndi’s proven technology and unique analytical model truly differentiate the company in an increasingly competitive and global AI marketplace,” said Tim Connors of PivotNorth Capital. “Kyndi is leading the shift away from the backward-looking  ‘predictive’ analytics approach to an AI-driven model that enables business and governmental customers to create critical knowledge faster by anticipating future intentions, opportunities and threats.”

Kyndi’s patented AI technology helps organizations analyze massive amounts of unstructured data to anticipate what could occur in the future – even if it never happened before. What really sets Kyndi apart is that its AI solutions can analyze small datasets and identify very weak “signals” in data to understand seemingly “unknowable” intentions. Kyndi gives customers a strong competitive edge by allowing them to create vital knowledge faster, and then act decisively to capitalize on untapped opportunities and mitigate threats.

“Organizations of all types and sizes are struggling to analyze and leverage the growing volumes of data they’ve already collected. Kyndi helps customers to effectively look around corners by anticipating intentions and creating actionable knowledge. Kyndi’s transformative approach is helping to make the power and promise of  AI and machine learning a practical reality today,” said Andy Cohen, VP, Strategic Development and Investments, Citrix.

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