K2 Global Raises $183 Million Venture Fund


SAN FRANCISCO — Venture capital firm K2 Global has raised a $183 million fund to support its vision of bridging Asia and Silicon Valley to create impact on a global scale. Based in Silicon Valley and Singapore, K2 Global invests in technology companies in the Internet and software sectors that are capable of creating new markets and that approach age-old problems with groundbreaking solutions.

K2 Global works with entrepreneurs in the mobile, e-commerce, fintech, AR/VR, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and machine learning realms. K2 Global has invested $58 million in over ten companies to-date, including U.S. venture-backed companies such as Magic Leap, Spotify, Uber as well as start-ups like Paktor, referred to as the Tinder of Asia.

A recent K2 Global investment, Paytm, recently crossed 150 million in user base and its daily transactions average seven million since November. Paytm is expanding globally, aims to launch in 16 countries and recently announced its partnership with Alipay (owned by Alibaba Group).

K2 Global is uniquely positioned to create in-roads for U.S. tech companies to break into Asian markets, while identifying and elevating promising Asian tech start-ups that will make an impact on the world stage. Founded in 2015 by Minal Hasan and Ozi Amanat, K2 Global fills the missing link between two dominating geographic markets. The firm’s combined professional experience, expertise across multiple industries, on-the-ground agility, strategic insights and deep-rooted network connections, provide a competitive advantage to portfolio companies looking to accelerate worldwide expansion.

“Start-ups need to think globally from day one if they want to succeed on a large scale,” said Minal Hasan, founder and general partner of K2 Global. “Traditionally, venture capital has been a hyper-local business, but tech has truly gone global. We are seeing a universal convergence of ideas, markets, economies, and technologies, resulting in companies expanding into international markets much more rapidly than before due to the explosion of Internet and mobile technology. K2 Global’s unique mix of expertise and deep understanding of key global markets enables our team to punch above our weight and win deals over larger and more prominent VC firms.”

Without an investment and operation team on the ground in Asia, where the business sector continues to be heavily relationship-driven, tech companies struggle to build the necessary connections with commercial, manufacturing, strategic, investment, media, and government partners. K2 Global has a single investment team across Asia and the U.S. providing access for all portfolio companies to a well-established network of valuable business contacts, thereby giving them a truly global perspective.

K2’s community of investors and advisors include institutions and multi-billion dollar family offices and individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including real estate, manufacturing, healthcare, media, technology, and government, thereby providing a deep bench of expertise for portfolio companies to draw value.

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