Intuit ProConnect Group Announces New Updates to ProSeries® and Lacerte® for Tax Year 2019

New tax software helps tax professionals prepare for the upcoming tax season with Intuit

PLANO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) is announcing the availability of ProSeries and Lacerte updates for Tax Year 2019. Intuit has made key improvements designed to make ProSeries (Basic and Professional) and Lacerte better for tax professionals, including upgrades to security, overall performance, steps toward reaching 100% e-file coverage and continued strong support for tax reform.

Security and Personalization

Intuit knows security is always top of mind for its customers, which is why new security features will help ensure strong data protection for tax pros and their clients, including meeting or exceeding IRS security guidelines and updated access rights.

Both ProSeries and Lacerte will also have updates to help tax pros further personalize their accounts. With updated integrations available in Quick Employer Forms, Document Management, and Tax Scan, pros can save time with these added features, all in one place. Plus with smart search and enhanced alerts, tax professionals can find answers and get notified earlier to be more proactive and in control for their clients.

Updates to ProSeries Tax Year 2019

For ProSeries, new features and productivity enhancements, include:

  • E-file locked returns: Lock returns so calculations don’t change. ProSeries detects calculation updates, so pros are notified to control and decide when to make any new changes and e-file.
  • Undo/Redo: Quickly undo data entry mistakes and more easily run scenarios for clients. Simply click to undo previously entered data, and choose the option to revert using the redo function.
  • Date control on letters and invoices: Simply click to decide which date displays on client letters and invoices. Customize each return using checkboxes on the Client Status worksheet, or use the global option to set every e-filed return to reflect the e-file acceptance date.
  • Multiple client letters (Available for ProSeries Professional only): Choose from 18 new standard client letters, including a standard engagement letter, amendment letter, Spanish client letter, and privacy statement for 1040 clients. For Business Clients, access the standard client letter plus a standard engagement letter and a privacy statement.

In addition to 121 new forms and 69 new e-file capabilities, there is a new automatic data flow from 1040NR to NY and CA state returns, multiple new client letters to choose from, including a standard engagement letter, amendment letter, client letter in Spanish and privacy statement for 1040 clients and new pay-by-refund enhancements, including a new signature pad integration and streamlined enrollment experience. ProSeries Professional and ProSeries Basic are now available for download.

Updates to Lacerte Tax Year 2019

There are several new features and productivity enhancements for Lacerte, including:

  • Sections and Topics tabs: Navigate complex forms and find the right input quickly and accurately. Avoid the hassle of scrolling through long forms and reduce the risk of missing an input with content categories now sorted into relevant, clickable groups.
  • Combined e-file wizard: Use a single e-file wizard to select and unselect filings for federal, state, and "other" filings such as property tax and LLC within the same client e-file.
  • Multiple filing instances supported in a single client e-file: Increase productivity with the ability to add multiple instances of filings (franchise, LLC, etc.) within the same client e-file to avoid the hassle of filing multiple e-file returns for the same client.
  • Simultaneous e-file for multiple users: Multiple tax preparers can now e-file at the same time, without disrupting or slowing down the process.

In addition to 134 new forms and 43 new e-file capabilities within Lacerte, there are also new bank options for Pay-by-Refund, client list column sorting, and password protection for PDF files. Lacerte is now available for download.

The new Intuit Hosting for Lacerte and ProSeries will be available for tax professionals to access their software, data and tools on virtually any device with cloud hosting backed by Intuit and Right Networks, along with new eSignature experiences for both Lacerte and ProSeries. Tax Professionals should visit the Tax Reform Resource Center for the latest tax reform news, tools and in-depth tax reform webinars, as they continue to prepare for the upcoming season.

Intuit is also expanding the team of in-season support and adding new community forums and help center improvements so tax professionals have the help they need, especially during tax season. For more information on ProSeries, visit and for more information on Lacerte, visit

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