Indeavor Launching New Technology to Combat Nuclear Fatigue

Indeavor’s automated fatigue management solution ensures worker safety and adherence to NRC rules.

MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In response to plants feeling underserved by legacy software and vendors lacking up-to-date NRC fatigue expertise, Indeavor has released a new Fatigue Management module. Specifically made for the nuclear industry, this module allows power plants to operate efficiently while adhering to all complex NRC rules on managing personnel fatigue.

As the schedule automatically generates, Indeavor’s system helps plants ensure that regulations are never violated. With a single violation costing up to $303,471 per day, plants cannot afford to mismanage their employees’ schedules. “Since the rules sets are configurable, we can easily adjust any necessary compliance measures if rules change,” says Brandon Schwarz, the Chief Executive Officer of Indeavor. “It was not long after we launched the module at two nuclear plants when the NRC made adjustments to their fatigue rules due to COVID-19. We were able to make the necessary changes to continue providing the compliance coverage they needed.”

Indeavor is excited to form more partnerships in the nuclear space to help such a critical industry put their workers first with technology that can better protect them. Combatting fatigue by ensuring maximum work hour and minimum break rules are met will not only reduce the risk of fines and lawsuits, but also mitigate exposure to accidents and keep essential workers safe.

About Indeavor

Indeavor’s solution offers clients an end-to-end, cloud-based employee scheduling and absence management system. By integrating with your human capital management and enterprise resource planning systems, you can leverage a robust platform that provides you with real-time employee data. Relieve your supervisors of manual tasks and the constant mental fatigue brought upon by scheduling changes by automating the entire process, connecting the data to all of your existing corporate systems, and ensuring you always have the right qualified employee in each position.

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