Imply Launches Druid Summit

Inaugural real-time analytics user conference for data professionals to get expert training, share best practices and showcase real-world use of Apache Druid (incubating)

BURLINGAME, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Imply, the real-time data analytics company, today announced it is organizing the inaugural Druid Summit, to be held at the San Francisco Airport Waterfront Marriott from April 13th through April 15th 2020. The conference is devoted to helping data professionals develop, deploy and operate real-time analytics solutions based on the open source Apache Druid database.

Hosted by Imply, whose founders include original authors of Druid, Druid Summit is a three day conference that features a full day of hands-on Druid training plus two days of talks by project committers, enterprise practitioners and industry experts covering development methods, architectural patterns, operational best practices, real-time studies of Druid in production and much more.

Druid has been on the scene for a few years now and is in use at thousands of companies, where it enables real-time analytics applications for use by both internal staff and customers. Until now, there hasn’t been a forum for educating those new to Druid, or where long-time practitioners can share their learnings and engage with their peers. Imply is excited to organize the Druid Summit in order to bring together the worldwide Druid community for the first time,” said Gian Merlino, Imply CTO and Apache Druid committer.

Druid Summit sessions will be organized into the following tracks:

Developing with Druid

The ability of Druid to ingest events at real-time speeds and deliver sub-second query responses opens up new use cases unavailable using traditional data stores. Practitioners will have the chance to share their experiences, best practices and the lessons they’ve learned in taking their Druid-based projects from inception to production. Sessions will dive into topics such as ingestion, data modeling, performance tuning, deployment, scaling, updating and performance monitoring.

Druid Architectures in Action

Druid users will share stories of their real-world experience with implementing internal and external-facing analytics applications, including the opportunity to discuss the business rationale for projects, architecture and infrastructure choices they made, and the challenges they overcame in moving from proof of concept to production and operation at scale.

For those looking for hands-on training, they can choose between two tracks, Druid Fundamentals and Druid Advanced Training, which will be offered on the first day of the conference.

Call for Presentations Now Open

Today also marks the opening for Druid Summit’s call for presentations. Proposals will be accepted through January 31, 2020, with notifications sent to selected presenters no later than February 14th, 2020.

Desired presentation topics for the conference include:

  • A deep dive into Druid features or architectural design.
  • Architectural patterns built for an analytic application.
  • Development techniques that have helped deliver for a use case.
  • Operational stories concerning Druid, from inception to deployment on-premises or in the cloud, and scaling in production.
  • Real-world experiences working with Druid, including generally-applicable best practices and lessons learned.
  • Use of Druid to address a specific use case, such as product analytics, netflow analysis, campaign analysis, or anything else.
  • Examples of Druid addressing multiple use cases.

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About Imply

Imply transforms how businesses run by integrating real-time analytics into their operations. Founded by the authors of the Apache Druid (incubating) database, Imply provides a cloud-native solution that delivers real-time ingestion, interactive ad-hoc queries, and intuitive visualizations for many types of event-driven and streaming data flows. Imply has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and is backed by Andreesen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, and Geodesic Capital. For more information visit, please visit


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