Horsley Bridge Partners Selects CloudKnox Security to Protect Critical Cloud Resources in its AWS Environment

 The CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform Empowers Horsley Bridge to Detect and Remediate the Risk of Human and Machine Identities with Excessive Privileges

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CloudKnox Security, a leader in identity privilege management for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, today announced that Horsley Bridge Partners LLC selected the CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform to continuously implement and enforce least privilege policies for all identities across its AWS environment.

Enterprises embracing the cloud today do not have the tools required to achieve and maintain the principle of least privilege across multiple, complex and vastly different cloud platforms. Moreover, they struggle to keep up with the proliferation of machine identities, services, privileges and resources across multiple cloud platforms – without exposing their enterprises to enormous risk.

Horsley Bridge selected the CloudKnox Cloud Security Platform to help its security and infrastructure teams get ahead of this potential risk. The platform gives Horsley Bridge immediate visibility into every action that each identity in the company’s AWS environment performs on any resource across all AWS accounts. This granular insight empowers Horsley Bridge to continuously enforce least privilege policies in a simple way that will scale with the growth of their business.

“CloudKnox immediately transformed how we uncover over-provisioned identities and enforce least-privilege policies across our AWS environment,” said Jon Roller, CIO, Horsley Bridge Partners. “The platform’s unique Activity-based Authorization protocol and one-click JEP (Just-Enough-Privileges) Controller allows us to not only automate the process of managing roles and privileges, but also create customized roles in AWS based on real historical identity activity data.”

Within a few weeks of deploying the CloudKnox Security Platform, Horsley Bridge was able to:

  • Significantly reduce the number of machine and human identities with access to critical AWS resources
  • Implement least privilege policies across its AWS environment for all identities including third-party contractors and service accounts
  • Measure the impact new identities have on their risk posture using CloudKnox’s Privilege Creep Index

“As enterprises embrace the cloud and its technology, they often lack the level of visibility and insight required to really understand what actions their identities are taking on critical cloud resources across their environment,” said Balaji Parimi, founder and CEO, CloudKnox. “We applaud the Horsley Bridge team for proactively addressing high-risk cloud identities and resources, and look forward to continuing to collaborate and improve the company’s security risk posture through proper identity privilege management.”

For more information on how Horsley Bridge is using CloudKnox, please download the full case study.

About CloudKnox Security

CloudKnox Security is the only Cloud Security Platform built from the ground-up to support the monitoring and management of identities, actions and resources across hybrid and multi-cloud environments using an Activity-based Authorization model. Through an extensible single platform, CloudKnox transforms how organizations implement the principle of least privilege and empowers security teams to proactively address accidental and malicious credential misuse by continuously detecting and mitigating identity risks. CloudKnox is based in Sunnyvale, CA.


Emily Mong
fama PR for CloudKnox Security