Helbiz Enters Pescara as the City’s First and Only Micro-Mobility Operator

500 electric scooters will be available in the heart of the city and along the coastline

PESCARA, Italy--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Helbiz, a global leader in micro-mobility, announced the beginning of its operations in Pescara, Italy. After being awarded an exclusive permit by the Municipality, the American company will be the only micro-mobility provider in the city offering the latest generation of e-scooters to the capital of the Italian region, Abruzzo. Five-hundred electric scooters are now available to citizens and tourists through Helbiz’s mobile app.

"Our administration has placed sustainable mobility and micro-mobility at the forefront of our agenda since we took office, and welcoming Helbiz is an important first step in embracing this cultural shift of sustainability for our city,” said the Mayor of Pescara, Carlo Masci. “It is our hope that the presence of micro-mobility services will encourage locals to give up the use of their cars, which will ultimately result in lower pollution rates and lead to a greener future.”

Helbiz’s service will be active over an area of ~10 km2 that extends from Santa Filomena to the Pineta Dannunziana, passing through the entire waterfront of the city. After Bari, Helbiz will continue its expansion along the cities off the Adriatic coast.

Similar to the rates in all the cities across Italy, Pescara will offer e-scooter services for 1€ for the initial unlocking + 0,15€ per minute for the ride. Additionally, users can take advantage of a flat monthly rate through Helbiz UNLIMITED, which costs 29.99€/month and allows users to take an unlimited number of daily trips up to 30 minutes with access to the service through Telepass Pay.

"E-scooters as well as e-bikes and all other means of micro-electrical mobility are as popular with users as with public administrations because they are a practical, immediate and economical alternative to cars and because they help to safeguard the quality of the air by reducing the level of pollution," said Luca Santambrogio, Sole Director of Helbiz Italia. "These characteristics combined with the recent recommendations on social distancing, make it the ideal means of transportation in a city like Pescara which, thanks to the choices made by the administration, has decided to start with our innovative e-scooters."

"After discovering scooters in the United States two years ago and helping to bring them to Italy, I always thought Pescara was the ideal city for this type of service,” said Gabriele Benedetto, CEO of Telepass. “The summer traffic and the need to reach the various bathing establishments have always been a happy and annoying reminder of my years here. The presence of Helbiz and e-scooters in this city will be great for the community and for tourism."

"In Pescara, we strive to be a city that moves efficiently and sustainably and micro-mobility solves for that,” said Councillor for Mobility of the Municipality of Pescara, Luigi Arbore Mascia. “The fleet of five hundred e-scooters will be gradually integrated into the urban fabric of our city, providing an essential service for our citizens, workers and tourists who want to move between the beach, the natural shopping centre and the cultural areas of Pescara. This service follows the same highway code that also applies to bicycles that we must all commit ourselves to respect and enforce. Using the network of existing bike paths and those that we plan to build will allow users to move safely, securely and with greater agility for those who want to experience a new way to travel around the city."

Users can download the Helbiz app on iOS and Android to instantly geolocate, rent and unlock e-bikes directly from their phones with a tap and simply park them at bike racks or at available designated parking hubs when finished with their ride. For additional information, visit www.helbiz.com.


Helbiz is a global leader in micro-mobility services. Launched in 2017 and headquartered in New York City, the company operates e-scooters and e-bicycles in over 20 cities around the world including Milan, Madrid, Belgrade and Miami. Helbiz utilizes a customized, proprietary fleet management platform, artificial intelligence and environmental mapping to optimize operations and business sustainability.


The Telepass Group was founded in 2017 with the aim of creating an integrated system of services for mobility in urban and suburban areas: an ecosystem of companies created to give people the opportunity to move freely, without obstacles. The areas of expertise range from the management of mobile services to electronic payments and insurance. The companies of the Telepass Group are now committed to extending and guaranteeing access to their services also in Europe, in order to truly transform every move into an experience without borders.


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