Gulf Coast’s Leading Industrial Custom Software Developer/Integrator Rebrands & Launches New Product Suite for ERP/Accounting

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#digitaltransformation--Gulf Coast Solutions (GCS), a recognized leader in enterprise software development and integration, announced the company's complete rebranding in tandem with rolling out a suite of rapid deployment software product frameworks today.

Gulf Coast Solutions will now be known as GCS – Working Software for Working People, with a new look, color scheme and messaging to better reflect its enterprise-service, people-centric, K.I.S.S. approach to software development.

GCS's rebranding is not just cosmetic. In addition to the new name and brand identity, GCS has released new products and features. GCS MACH1, CREW247 and OPTICS360 frameworks are built specifically to extend the functionality of all major ERM/accounting software platforms for enterprise service organizations. Most ERP systems are designed to be broadly featured and industry agnostic that often results in feature gaps with line-of-business needs; something that GCS alleviates. Their approach is not to replace, but to help people get the most from their ERP system while offering a framework to kick-off other initiatives. CEO Cody Caillet commented that "GCS solutions is a lightning bolt of progress for teams. All those decades of being behind can be erased by 6-12 months."

“We found a consistent need for the same solutions from our clients, again and again. We decided to productize these solutions and package them in a way our clients can deploy the solutions faster, cheaper and with lest risk,” Caillet continued. "For the next 18 months, companies cannot afford to waste time with technologies (or teams) who are learning the industry or best practices as they go. In tough economic climates, every investment in technology must directly impact the bottom line today and open new opportunities for tomorrow. Too many companies are sacrificing tomorrow for today, or vice-versa, when, in reality, you must do both."

GCS has designed their speed-to-value frameworks to deliver quick traction on the most common software customization, integration, and mobilization needs. Their customers and software partners are center to their process and now GCS has new cost-efficient ways to work with GCS. For needs and solutions outside their frameworks, GCS team of senior developers still provide custom software development services they are so well known for.

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