GoPro Moving U.S. Bound Cameras Out of China

SAN MATEO — GoPro, maker of action cameras, said it plans to move most of its US-bound camera production out of China by the summer of 2019 to mitigate the potential impact of inclusion on any new tariff lists. International-bound camera production will remain in China.

The company did not say where it was moving production but it’s likely going to a nearby Asian country like Taiwan or Thailand.

The U.S. and China are engaged in a trade battle with tariffs being exchanged on various products that are made or sold in the U.S. or China.

“Today’s geopolitical business environment requires agility, and we’re proactively addressing tariff concerns by moving most of our US-bound camera production out of China,” said Brian McGee, Executive Vice President and CFO of GoPro. “We believe this diversified approach to production can benefit our business regardless of tariff implications.”

McGee added, “It’s important to note that we own our own production equipment while our manufacturing partner provides the facilities, so we expect to make this move at a relatively low cost.”