Google to Invest $7 Billion in U.S., Create 10,000 New Jobs

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, announced the company plans to invest over $7 billion in offices and data centers across the U.S. this year and create at least 10,000 new full-time Google jobs. This includes investing in communities that are new to Google and expanding in others across 19 states.

Google will invest $1 billion in its home state of California. Outside of the Bay Area, Pichai said the company will keep growing offices across the U.S., including plans to add thousands of jobs in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Chicago and New York. These new positions outside of the Golden State will help increase diversity at the company.

Google has 84,000 employees nationwide.

In addition to Google offices, the company is investing in data center expansions in Nebraska, South Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and Texas. The company’s existing data center sites in Nebraska, Ohio, Texas and Nevada will be fully up and running in 2021. Data centers are what powers web searches, emails, photos and the maps customers use everyday.

Google also released its 2020 U.S. Economic Impact Report.  In 2020, Google Search, Google Play, YouTube and Google advertising tools helped provide $426 billion of economic activity for more than 2 million American businesses, nonprofits, publishers, creators and developers.