Fujita Electric Works, Ltd. Seeks to Promote Temperature Data Logger "KT-155F/EX", Capable of Measuring and Recording Ultra-Low Temperatures Down to -112º Fahrenheit (-80º Celsius), Which Is Suitable for the Transportation of Specimens/Vaccines

KANAGAWA, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fujita Electric Works, LTD, a Japanese company, looks to bring their robust data logger (WATCH LOGGER) "KT-155F/EX" from Japan to the United States. "KT-155F/EX" can accurately record temperatures down to -112º Fahrenheit (-80º Celsius), which is ideal for the global transportation of COVID-19 specimens and vaccines.

Currently, Fujita Electric Work’s “KT-155F/EX” data logger has been used extensively to preserve specimens at -112º Fahrenheit (-80º Celsius), in a variety of clinical situations including “specimen transportation”, “clinical trials”, and “routine clinical practice”. We anticipate that United States will require transportation of COVID-19 specimens and future vaccines and thus would benefit from using the "KT-155F/EX”.

We anticipate that the transportation at sustained and monitored low temperature will be essential for future COVID-19 vaccines.

The key functionality of “KT-155F/EX” include:

  1. Will accurately record temperatures down to -112º Fahrenheit and is compatible with dry ice.
  2. Can safely and easily be placed in a refrigerator or freezer since it does not require any external probes.
  3. "KT-155F/EX” uses lithium coin batteries, which can be used for overseas transportation.
    "KT-155F/EX” has approval of "RTCA" for airlines, without the need for a “Radio Act” application by country.
  4. "KT-155F/EX” received a Japanese design award for a robust design.
    Since there is neither a connector nor switch on "KT-155F/EX, it is sturdier and thus more reliable
  5. In addition to "KT-155F/EX”’s designated PC reader (PaSoRi) stored data can be read by using a smartphone.

WEB information : General information for “WATCH LOGGER” in English

WEB information : KT-155F/EX in English


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