Forbes Media Selects Oracle Cloud


REDWOOD CITY — Forbes Media, publisher of Forbes Magazine, has chosen the Oracle Marketing Cloud to take advantage of new digital channels to increase advertising revenue. The deep insights delivered by the Oracle Marketing Cloud’s data analytics and management platform will enable Forbes Media to help advertisers increase audience reach and engagement.

Digital technologies have transformed the competitive landscape in the publishing industry. Free, easily accessible content makes it more difficult for publishers to grow paid subscriptions; new digital publishing platforms have increased the number of publishers by eliminating many of the traditional barriers to market entry; and an explosion of digital channels such as search, social and video have created new competition for ad buys. These changes have forced publishers to rethink how they work with advertisers to reach and engage audiences.
“We knew we needed a new platform that could help our advertisers increase audience reach and engagement,” said Mark Howard, chief revenue officer, Forbes Media. “The Oracle Marketing Cloud provides us with the tools we need to expand and customize our advertisers’ experience on our site and to offer marketers deeper insight into the performance of their digital campaigns. The breadth and scale of Oracle’s third-party data and the seamless integration it has with our systems has created a product that will allow us to provide advertisers with a level of analytics that was previously unachievable.”
Forbes will use the Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP), part of Oracle Marketing Cloud, to analyze its core user base and to provide advertisers, including those running a native BrandVoice program, with enriched detail about the audience that their campaign has reached. The Oracle DMP’s advanced analytics will allow Forbes to work with its advertising partners to develop custom, niche segments tailored to the marketers’ ideal audience. Finally, the Oracle ID Graph, a technology that helps marketers connect identities across disparate marketing channels and devices to one customer, will help Forbes target customers and prospects across all channels and devices, ensuring a relevant, personalized customer experience for each individual.
Forbes has a US magazine and 36 licensed local editions around the globe. The Forbes brand reaches 94 million people worldwide.

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