Fighting Deep Fakes and Other Unethical Uses of AI and Digital Humans

UneeQ Asks Businesses to Debate and Adopt Five Fundamental Laws for the Ethical Design of Digital Humans—a New Generation of AI-powered Digital Employees that Bring Emotion and Connection to Brand Experiences

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital humans soars, one company, UneeQ, Inc., has put forth a bold call for organizations to adopt five laws for ethical digital human design.

The Laws are posted online and are open for discussion, debate, and suggestions for improving them and speeding adoption. They guide the ethical creation and use of AI-digital humans, including protecting against human bias and prohibiting things like pretending to be human and being used for harmful, illegal, or illicit activities like hate speech and deep fakes.

UneeQ, a leader in digital humans technology, wants the industry to adopt a principle-led, ethical approach to building a world with digital humans, which are already becoming part of our everyday lives, helping us work, providing education and support, and even managing our health. The company has customers ranging from the largest health insurers to telecommunications and financial services companies worldwide, including UBS, Vodafone, Southern Cross, and NAB’s UBank. UneeQ also recently expanded to the U.S., with a $10M angel and venture capital funding round that included Richard Socher, the chief scientist at Salesforce, and was led by Sydney-based VC firm, Alium Capital.

Interactions and relationships between man and machine are dramatically changing, and the industry needs to establish a moral compass of ethical business practices that recognize the impact and connection digital humans have with customers,” said Danny Tomsett, founder and CEO of UneeQ. “We want to provide a starting point on the right recognition and employment of digital humansand invite feedback, so we can take the necessary, proactive steps to do the right thing as more human, AI-driven interactions move into the mainstream.”

What was once limited to the realm of sci-fi or “one day” is quickly becoming “everyday” as we enter an era in which it’s possible for everyone to have a dedicated digital human customer service representative, bank manager, teacher, or nurse, and the parameters that govern the design of these will become more and more important. Some of the world’s largest brands scale customer experience (CX) and interactions in a more emotional and impactful way with AI-powered digital human brand and service ambassadors.

Unlike automated chatbots, search windows, and other self-service mechanisms, digital humanslike Sophiecan interact using human-like expressions, warmth, and personality. AI-powered computer-generated imagery (CGI), vision, and voice, work together with any chatbot technology to determine behavior and speech in realtime. Conversations with digital humans flow naturally, as they tend to in real life. Digital humans can respond using emotion and expression beyond just text, using situational awareness to interact in a way that is appropriate to the context.

Five years from now, when there are millions of digital humans accessible to us all, we’ll be glad that we created a strong foundationa stable nucleuson which the digital human existence can accumulate,” said QuHarrison Terry, a futurist and co-founder of Inevitable Human, a community for future thinkers. “These five laws by UneeQ are a novel and a necessary idea. It’s how we limit any sort of pandemonium from occurring out of the grand opportunity that is digital humanity.”

Please join the conversation online, or watch Sophie as she highlights why the five laws are so important.

About UneeQ, Inc.

UneeQ wants to empower creators to make a positive difference with digital humans. The company’s digital human platform lets you design and launch AI-powered brand ambassadors that can recreate the best aspects of human interaction—tone, conversation, and expression—to drive an emotional connection. With U.S. headquarters in Austin, TX, UneeQ has teams across the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, made up of incredible and experienced AI practitioners, scientists, inventors, developers, managers, marketers, and dreamers. For more information on the company, visit


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