Fashwire Hits the Refresh Button With a New Innovative User Interface for Its 300+ Contemporary Fashion Designers From 33+ Countries

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#entrepreneurs--Fashwire further accelerates its disruption of the traditional retail model with a refreshed app interface that encourages users to discover designers globally, share the styles they love and shop their favorite fashion pieces.

Fusing together the discoverability of emerging brands, delivering user feedback via swipe technology and sharing their personal style via social posting on Fashwire’s MyWire feed allows users and brands to engage in unprecedented ways.

“Having assisted with the growth of our designer base from day one to now include 300+ brands spanning 33+ countries, what has become clear is that the brands we encompass, from emerging to established, are limitless,” explains Sebrie Springs, Chief of Staff. “Brands are seeking the solution that we provide; feedback and engagement.”

“With a mission to reframe the fashion marketplace, Fashwire sits at the intersection of tech and fashion, providing users a unique opportunity to discover brands and trends with a new interactive model,” says Kimberly Carney, Fashwire Founder and CEO. “What is key for us is connecting brands and consumers. We achieve that through a variety of unique ways such as our MyWire social feed and our proprietary swipe technology that gives designers concrete data on how users are responding to product.”

“Propelling the fashion community forward, responding to the current climate and finding solutions to an ever-evolving industry is core to the DNA of Fashwire,” says Samantha Yanks, Fashwire Vice President of Marketing. “User interaction is a key differentiator for Fashwire and combining that with our highly curated editorial lens is the most coveted solution for emerging designers.”

“As a true development partner, Fashwire's leadership constantly drives our team to new challenges within tech and innovation,” explains Hooman Hamzeh, CEO of DevelopingNow. “Their expertise and understanding for the fashion industry continues to keep the app's user experience new and refreshing for Fashwire's growing user base. It was a truly collaborative effort and we're excited for this latest release as we continue to find ways to accelerate Fashwire’s growth further."

Fashwire will always be at the forefront as a resource for designers and consumers by keeping fashion at your fingertips through a global perspective. “We are the premier solution for discoverability for all contemporary brands that need to showcase their collections and in turn, sell product,” continues Carney. “Doing so through innovation and actionable insights remains at the forefront of the company.”

About Fashwire:

Fashwire is a global platform for the contemporary fashion industry. Launched in 2018, Fashwire began as a marketplace for emerging and established brands from around the world. A source of global fashion intelligence, today Fashwire is a B2B data hub for its brand partners to navigate consumer demand and increase profitability. The Fashwire platform connects over 300 brands from more than 30 countries directly to consumers, delivering a truly unique shopping experience by improving fashion discovery and awareness by using AI to personalize the customer experience based on known preferences. The company has raised $2.5M to date and is backed by a range of all-star private angel investors.

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