Estrella Media Launches Star Studded Get Out the Vote Campaign to Encourage Latino Community to Vote in November

The “Vota Por Nosotros” campaign includes messages from Maná, Alejandro Fernandez, Christian Nodal, Los Angeles Azules, and Alex Fernandez among others

BURBANK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#GetOutTheVote--Estrella Media, a leading vertically integrated, multi-platform, Hispanic media company, announced today that it is launching a star studded get out the vote community engagement campaign to encourage Latinos to vote in the upcoming November 3 elections.

“Vota Por Nosotros” (Vote for Us) is a get out the vote campaign airing on Estrella Media’s television, radio and digital properties throughout the U.S. featuring a coalition of some of Latin music’s top recording artists. The campaign encourages Latino voters to get out and vote on behalf of the U.S. Hispanic community, including essential workers, dreamers, farmworkers, students, and parents working hard to create better lives for their families. “Vota Por Nosotros” features personal recorded messages from superstar artists such as iconic Latin rock band Maná and Regional Mexican crooners Alejandro Fernandez and Christian Nodal, all highlighting issues important to the Latino community and reminding their fans that their vote in the November 3rd election is a vote for us all.

“Immigration is personal for my family,” said Alejandro Fernandez. “My father came to the U.S. undocumented. As children, we listened to his stories of crossing the Rio Grande looking for a better life. I encourage you to think of everyone who doesn’t have a voice when you go to the polls.”

“For many years we have spoken and sung about the important issues impacting the health of our planet and our people,” commented Fher Olvera of Maná. “Issues like the environment, immigration, and the well-being of our community are all topics we care about. You have the opportunity to use your vote to advance these issues and to ensure the Latino voice is counted.”

“On November 3 you have a chance to make your voices heard in the US,” shared Christian Nodal. “This is your opportunity to prove the power of our generation and of the entire Latino community with your vote.”

“Estrella Media is proud to lend its multiplatform properties, so the artist community can talk directly with their fans about the importance of voting,” added Eduardo Leon, Executive Vice President of Radio Programming for Estrella Media. “This is an important time for our community to ensure our voices are heard.”

The “Vota Por Nosotros” campaign begins airing on Estrella Media’s multiplatform properties (radio, television, digital) effective immediately and will continue until election day, November 3, 2020.

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