Dynatrace Announces Autonomous Cloud Enablement Practice to Speed Journey to the Autonomous Cloud

New Expert Services Practice provides best practices, hands-on expertise, and automation services to accelerate IT transformation to NoOps for cloud native environments

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dynatrace (NYSE: DT) today announced its Autonomous Cloud Enablement (ACE) Practice to accelerate DevOps’ movement to autonomous cloud operations. ACE will provide customers with the best practices, hands-on expertise, and automation services they need to succeed on the journey to autonomous, NoOps cloud operations. Initial practice focuses will be on both unbreakable CI/CD pipelines as well as autonomous, self-healing production operations for cloud native environments.

Research has shown that IT organizations are struggling to keep up with the growing demands of digital transformation, and 88% of CIOs say AI will be critical to their ability to master increasing complexity in their enterprise cloud environments. In line with this, more advanced IT teams are looking to AI and automation to leverage their scarce resources and move to an increasingly autonomous cloud where precise AI provided actions enable the automation of manual tasks in areas such as continuous delivery and cloud operations. However, even those who have the right ideas often discover they need know-how and experience to assure the right course and speed to reach their autonomous cloud vision.

“As a leading software provider, we must provide a continuous delivery pipeline that will allow our teams to ship new versions of our software faster and more frequently while maintaining our high standards of quality,” said Brit Myers, Senior Manager of Cloud R&D at Hyland Software. “Dynatrace ACE provided the expertise, structured guidance, resources and best practices to go from a strategic vision to implementing an executable action plan. With tangible results now realized, we are continuing to move forward with confidence on our autonomous cloud journey.”

The ACE practice provides proven best practices and expert services developed while advising dozens of leading IT enterprises over the past 18 months. ACE also leverages Dynatrace’s open source pluggable control plane, Keptn, to speed implementation and simplify the extensibility of integrations.

“Dynatrace has been evangelizing and educating customers on how to envision and execute their journey to an autonomous cloud for well over a year now,” said Andrew Hittle, SVP and Chief Customer Officer at Dynatrace. “After dozens of workshops and autonomous cloud labs (ACLs), it became clear that customers needed more than blueprints and coaching. They needed Dynatrace’s hands-on expertise and practical know-how to accelerate very specific steps to make the journey tangible and results measurable to drive confidence and momentum in continued steps along the path. The move to autonomous cloud operations is not simply one of technical execution, it requires a transformation in DevOps thinking and alignment. With the launch of Autonomous Cloud Enablement, Dynatrace offers a proven transformational roadmap for customers to realize the value of combining its AI-powered Software Intelligence Platform and the automation and orchestration provided by Keptn to confidently achieve an autonomous cloud vision.”

The ACE practice works with IT organizations to create an autonomous cloud strategic vision, identify where to get started, provide hands-on expertise along the journey, and deliver rapid, meaningful automation services engagements to deliver unbreakable delivery pipelines and NoOps cloud operations. The ACE practice includes:

  • Business Case: Build a clear business case, organizational consensus, and cultural confidence around how the autonomous cloud frees constrained resources and enables IT transformation from technology centricity to technology empowered business strategies.
  • Best Practices: Learn best practices about autonomous cloud delivery methodology, use case specific technology automation, workflow blueprints, and transformational KPIs developed during dozens of engagements with leading enterprise IT organizations.
  • Expertise: Leverage autonomous cloud expertise delivered through hands-on engagements with certified ACE consultants to ensure measurable automation and intelligence results.
  • Automation Services: Focused automation engagements engineered to provide measurable value centered around the most important initial use cases across the autonomous cloud lifecycle.

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