DORCO Launched Slant Stubble Razor on INDIEGOGO Crowdfunding Platform

- Funding for 2 months starting on September 15, for the Slant Stubble Razor with blades slanted 10 degrees

- Appealing to the self-grooming crowd… providing campaign participants with 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm cartridges

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Crowdfunding--Global razor manufacturing company DORCO has commenced a crowdfunding campaign for the Slant Stubble Razor on INDIEGOGO, the No. 1 U.S. crowdfunding platform.

The funding campaign, which commenced on September 15, will proceed for two months. At the conclusion of the campaign on November 15, participants will be sent DORCO’s Slant Stubble Razor. Deliveries will be processed to the United States, EU countries, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.

The Slant Stubble Razor maintains the same mechanism as a normal wet razor, but the blades are slanted at a 10-degree angle, allowing a smooth and clean shave. While it is difficult to achieve a precise shave with traditional clippers, due to the thickness of the trimmer guard, the slanted blades of the DORCO ‘Slant Stubble Razor’ greatly enhance shaving power.

The DORCO Slant Stubble Razor is a marvel of technology and shaving advancement as it allows convenient shaving with water, without requiring shaving cream, and is designed with a grip optimal for an upper stroke (a method of shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth).

The Slant Stubble Razor also comes with 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm cartridges for effective trimming of facial hair depending on the user’s preferred style. In the future, DORCO plans to offer different types of cartridges based on the feedback from crowdfunding participants.

According to global trend reports and this year’s ‘Shaving U&A (Usage & Attitude)’ survey of about 2,000 consumers in Germany, France, and the United States, the demand for frequent facial shaving and the shaving of all facial hair has been on the decline while the need for products that trim and manage facial hair is continuing to grow. Reflecting this trend, DORCO has developed the Slant Stubble Razor to lead razors for self-grooming.

The retail price for the Slant Stubble Razor is USD 18. INDIEGOGO Early Bird participants of the crowdfunding campaign will receive the product at a 50% discount, for USD 9.

DORCO R&D Center Team, Manager Young Jin Lee stated, “It gives us great pleasure to commence our crowdfunding campaign as a global razor manufacturing company. Unlike normal stubble razors, the Slant Stubble Razor is equipped with an innovative slant to the blades which has created new consumer demand.”

DORCO R&D Center Team, Manager Jae Joon Lee added, “We greatly appreciate all the support from the participants of the crowdfunding campaign and are committed to mass producing products that satisfy consumer needs by applying the valued feedback and opinions of the campaign participants.”

Since its establishment in 1955, DORCO has been providing consumers with innovative shaving solutions. Known as a pioneer in the shaving industry, DORCO has been responsible for the development of a series of world firsts, including the curved blade, the six-blade razor, and the seven-blade razor. Through this level of innovation, DORCO has become one of the most recognized razor companies in the world, with customers in over 130 countries.

To support the launch and learn more about the Slant Stubble Razor, visit Slant Stubble Razor INDIEGOGO page (


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