Cuzen Matcha Launches Global Kickstarter Campaign

Creators of the award-winning matcha product kickoff campaign to introduce freshly ground organic matcha to a broader global audience.

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#awardwinner--Cuzen Matcha today announced it has officially launched its Kickstarter campaign. The innovative freshly ground matcha making machine is still under development with plans for a full release this fall, initially selling exclusively in the US. For this Kickstarter project, however, Cuzen Matcha will be available to ship to international backers in ten countries.

Cuzen Matcha is an innovative at-home matcha offering that produces freshly ground matcha from organic shade-grown leaves via a beautifully designed machine. The Matcha Maker and Matcha Leaf were designed to work together; the tea leaves specially prepared to fit the compact ceramic mill, which produces a fine matcha powder, that’s then automatically whisked into water. Matcha this fresh has a rich umami flavor and gives the drinker calm, long-lasting energy.

People can enjoy this versatile drink in a hot or iced latte, with sparkling water, mixed in with their drink of choice—or just straight. This product has already won the Future of Foods Award at San Francisco Design Week Awards 2020 and was a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree.

"We're excited to have Cuzen Matcha launching on Kickstarter,” said Nick Yulman, Head of Design & Technology at Kickstarter PBC. “I first saw their prototype at CES 2020 and was immediately impressed with the design. In working with the team, I've been even more impressed with the holistic approach they're taking, sourcing tea from organic farms and focusing on sustainability. We've seen a lot of successful campaigns for thoughtfully designed tea and coffee products and it's great to have Cuzen joining the Kickstarter community."

"We are delighted to announce that we will start a Kickstarter during this summer globally, just before releasing the product in the fall,” said Eijiro (“Ey-jee-roh”) Tsukada, Co-founder & CEO of World Matcha Inc. "Initially, we planned to introduce Cuzen Matcha to offices, cafes, and restaurants in the US to acquire B2B customers. However, the world has changed drastically with COVID-19 and we had to revise all strategies including customer acquisition and fundraising. Now, people need to stay home for much longer hours, resulting in less exercise and more stress. Thus, keeping healthy both physically and mentally at home is very important under this new normal and I believe that drinking matcha will be of great help.”

The Cuzen Matcha “Kickstarter Kit” will be available for $333, excluding shipping costs and customs. The Kickstarter Kit consists of the Matcha Maker, one 20g bag of Premium Matcha Leaf, and two 20g bags of Signature Matcha Leaf, totaling enough to make 60 cups of fresh matcha. In addition to the Kickstarter Kit, more rewards are available, like the Super Leaf Kit and the Happi Kit.

About Kickstarter Campaign:
Campaign Date: 8/5/2020 9am ~ 9/3/2020 9pm (in PST)
Campaign Page:
Rewards: Kickstarter Kit (for $333), Super Leaf Kit, Happi Kit, and more.
Shipping Countries: US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia

Cuzen Matcha, for a more sustainable world:

Cuzen Matcha produces remarkably fresh matcha from whole organic shade-grown leaves and innovative technology. The freshly ground matcha has a smooth, balanced flavor and gives the drinker a mellow, focused energy that lasts. It also doesn’t come with a wasteful plastic pod system like many coffee machines. Our goal is to share freshly ground matcha with as many people as possible while encouraging the adoption of sustainable systems, whether that’s by partnering with high quality organic Japanese tea farmers or by minimizing packaging and reducing single-use plastics.

About the Company:

World Matcha Inc., the creator of Cuzen Matcha, is a CA-based tea company & food-tech startup founded by Eijiro Tsukada (CEO) and Oki Hatta (CPO) in January 2019 whose mission is to bring authentic matcha into people’s daily lives with ease and an open mind.

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Eijiro Tsukada, CEO of World Matcha Inc.