Corent’s SurPaaS Continuum Accelerates Go To Market of the C-Facts’ Cloud Cost and Compliance Platform on Azure as SaaS

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Corent Technology, a leader in cloud optimization and modernization technologies, and C-Facts, a platform provider for cloud cost, sustainability, and compliance monitoring, have jointly announced the signing of a cooperation agreement.

SurPaaS Continuum™ is a fully integrated platform that allows Enterprises and ISVs to “Analyse,” “Migrate,“ “Optimize,” “PaaSify,” “Containerize,” and “SaaSify” practically any software application on any cloud without programming.

“SurPaaS® Continuum™ was used to deliver C-Facts software platform as a fully instrumented, robust, and sophisticated SaaS solution in a matter of days. Using SurPaaS' SaaSification and Operational SaaS services, C-Facts is now enabled to easily deploy, meter, monitor, and manage all applications and subscribers of the platform from one central dashboard,” said Feyzi Fatehi, CEO, Corent Technology.

Martijn van Zoeren, CEO of C-Facts, stated, “Quality is essential in the Go To Market of the C-Facts SaaS solution. We are delighted to be connected to SurPaaS® Continuum™ platform and the Corent team. They have helped us, within two weeks, to deliver a comprehensive customer onboarding process that meets our Quality and Compliance requirements as a modern SaaS provider. Our onboarding process is simple, fully automated and also fully controlled, including subscription and application management. This is highly appreciated by our clients. Corent SurPaaS® enabled us to do that, for you, today!”

About Corent Technology

Corent Technology is a leading innovator in the Cloud Migration and SaaS-enablement technology space. Corent’s SurPaaS® Platform is used by key enterprises, system Integrators and cloud providers to enable rapid discovery, analysis, planning, optimization and migration to the cloud; and optionally, automated transformation of software applications to SaaS.

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About C-Facts

The C-Facts platform provides Enterprises, CSPs and their customers insight into their digital (cloud) footprint from different perspectives:

Consumption: adoption – usage – costs – energy – CO2 – and more.
Commercial trends: historic – predictive – benchmarks and,
Compliance: Invoices – SLAs (reporting) – Certifications – GDPR – CSA.

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