Cheesecake Factory Overrun by Free Cheesecake Orders

Cheesecake Factory’s free slice of cheesecake promotion with Doordash has quickly run out at East Coast restaurants and some customers trying to place an order for free cake are mad.

The restaurant chain and Doordash promised 40,000 free slices of Cheesecake today with any order until they ran out.

The promotion started at 11:30 a.m. local time and Cheesecake Factory restaurants on the East Coast are already saying the deal has ended. The Doordash App is also listing Cheesecake Factory as busy whenever you click on their restaurant.

There are 201 Cheesecake Factory restaurants nationwide and with 40,000 free slices available, this amounts to just under 200 slices per location.

Upset users have already posted to Twitter complaining about long waits for their delivery orders form Doordash and not being able to order.