CB Resource, Inc. Launches CB ERM 2.0

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ERM--CB Resource, Inc. (“CBR”) today announced that they have launched their next generation proprietary Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) assessment platform and dashboard, CB ERM™.

CB ERM™ 2.0 further positions CBR as a leader in delivering fully integrated qualitative and quantitative ERM analysis and reports. This latest version provides community bank clients the ability to access CBR’s extensive proprietary risk assessment library, customize key risk and performance indicators drawing from the system’s 20 million bank financial records database, and produce decision ready reports and dashboards for their board of directors and senior management.

“CB ERM™ joins CB BankAnalytics™, our app-driven bank industry analysis suite, as an indispensable solution for community bankers who require the synchronization of strategic, financial performance and risk management priorities,” according to Jeff Rigsby, CB Resource, Inc.’s President and CEO.

Among the significant advancements within this release is the CB ERM™ dashboard. It is the only ERM dashboard that summarizes a bank’s risk appetite, risk profile, and key risk indicators by key risk category in one, easy to assess, location.

“What our clients have found, that makes CB ERM™ better than other ERM assessment alternatives, is that its top down design, emerging risk identification, and robust reporting satisfies the needs of critical stakeholders including senior management, board of directors, and bank regulators,” stated Robert Finch, CB Resource, Inc.’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

To learn more about how CB ERM™ can make a material impact on your ERM process visit www.cb-resource.com or call us at 877.367.8236.

About CB Resource, Inc.

Founded in 2011, CB Resource, Inc serves its national network of community bank clients by offering enterprise risk management, strategic planning, and capital planning solutions. The firm leverages proprietary technology and subject matter expertise to support their clients’ ability to achieve optimal performance in good times and bad.


Robert Finch