Carnegie Learning’s Middle School Math Solution Gets Updated Near-Perfect Score from EdReports

New report says the three aspects of rigor—conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application—are “fluidly interwoven” throughout the solution

PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#edchat--Carnegie Learning announced today that has published a new report increasing the score of Carnegie Learning’s Middle School Math Solution to 69 points out of a potential 70. Carnegie Learning’s High School Math Solution was also recently reviewed by EdReports, and earned a near-perfect score. A ranking this high for both Middle School and High School instructional materials is unprecedented.

The need for high quality K-12 instructional materials has never been more urgent. According to the Nation’s Report Card, 66% of eighth-grade students did not perform at or above the Proficient level in mathematics in 2017.1 Carnegie Learning, a dynamic, progressive learning technology company, aims to fill the gap by combining the highest quality curriculum with MATHia, the most powerful AI-driven tutoring software available. is an independent nonprofit that evaluates instructional materials for quality and standards alignment to help teachers and administrators identify the highest-quality instructional materials. EdReports’ review process has been developed by expert educators from across the country, and each report represents hundreds of hours of work by educator reviewers. A recent article published in The 74 asserts that “EdReports is disrupting the $8 billion [textbook adoption] industry by putting teachers in charge.”2

Best-in-Class Ratings across All Math Offerings

The Carnegie Learning Middle School Math Solution met expectations in all three gateways:

  • Focus & Coherence — Are the instructional materials focused on the right content at each grade level, and is it presented in a coherent way? (14 points awarded out of a possible 14)
  • Rigor & Mathematical Practices — Do the materials have the right mix of conceptual understanding, procedural skills, and applications to address the standards to their full depth? Do they help teachers build productive habits of mind in their students? (18 points awarded out of a possible 18)
  • Usability — Do the materials have the right support in place for teachers to use them effectively? (37 points awarded out of a possible 38)

According to EdReports, the three aspects of rigor—conceptual understanding, procedural skills and fluency, and application—are “fluidly interwoven” throughout the Carnegie Learning Middle School Math Solution.

The Carnegie Learning High School Math Solution, which was reviewed by EdReports this year, also received top marks, including perfect scores for Focus & Coherence and Rigor & Mathematical Practices. found that the Carnegie Learning High School Math Solution “meets the expectations for rigor and balance by reflecting the balances in the [high school] standards’ rigorous expectations.”

The review process is a rigorous one. Many other curriculum solutions do not pass the first and second gateway and are therefore not evaluated for the third gateway. Schools and districts can therefore choose Carnegie Learning’s blended solutions with confidence that they have met the highest quality standards in addition to having been proven effective through third-party efficacy research. (Learn more at

“We are very proud to receive near-perfect ratings for both our Middle School and High School Math Solutions,” says Barry Malkin, CEO of Carnegie Learning. “We are committed to making sure that our curriculum, software, and professional learning services meet the high standards of quality that teachers and students deserve.”

“We’re very thoughtful in developing our instructional materials,” says Sandy Bartle Finocchi, Chief Mathematics Officer at Carnegie Learning. “We spend a lot of time thinking about the mathematics and making sure it’s coherent and connected. We believe that all students should have access to this kind of math learning, and we work with teachers every day to bring it to life in their classrooms.”

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