BidBird® Launches New High-Tech Construction Materials Bidding Application

Builds On Company’s Work Improving Industry Procurement Methods, Helping Lead Buyers Who Are Using The Application To Streamline The Bidding Process

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#buildings--BidBird® has made buying and selling bulk construction products a seamless online experience. Using an advanced internet bidding system, guided by auction theory, buyers place online orders and receive multiple blind bids preventing collusion and protecting institutional privacy. The bid deadlines are set by the participating buyer on weekly intervals.

“Two years ago my architecture website needed updating so I sat down and learned to code,” said Trevor Pan, BidBird Founder. “During this period, I noticed a gap in the ever-evolving construction industry and created BidBird. It streamlines the bidding process in a uniquely internet manner. Pre-BidBird, contractors would reach out to six individual suppliers. Now, contractors can reach six or more suppliers with one post.”

Contractors and building owners can now purchase products online from manufacturers such as publicly traded Versico® Roofing.

BidBird has partnered with Stripe using their secure servers for all financial transactions. Placing an order, or bid reserve, costs $5; these fees are non-refundable. At the end of the online auction the buyer and bidder are charged 6 percent each and minimum orders are $3,500.

Adrienne Bryant, designated broker and co-owner of Phoenix-based Bryant Commercial Real Estate, placed an order on BidBird for a national cookie franchisor’s Knoxville, TN location. Gina Marie, equipment sales specialist at Arizona Restaurant Supply, placed BidBird’s first bid for $51,292.89 which is competitive with three national chains beating them by $1,195.73.

For a labor-intense comparison, the same equipment costs $47,660.74 on a prominent restaurant supply website except for eight carried items; $3,140.91 found on another and $1,686.97 found on yet another—both making up the difference for items not found on the first two sites—totaling $52,488.62.


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About BidBird® is a nationwide construction materials internet bidding service focused on small to mid-size buyers who lack the buying power of larger organizations and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

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