Amazon Air Launches Regional Hub in San Bernardino

Amazon has so many packages to deliver it operates its own fleet of freight aircraft. Amazon Air is now expanding with the launch of a new regional air hub at San Bernardino International Airport in Southern California to serve the Los Angeles area.

Amazon Air represents one of Amazon’s largest investments in the company’s transportation and logistics network, with more than 70 aircraft making daily flights at over 35 sites across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Amazon has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the region, and this project marks Amazon’s seventh air site in California. The new hub was built from the ground up to service the company’s operational needs while maintaining a focus on its Climate Pledge goals. The facility will operate a fleet of electric ground service equipment, and a solar panel rooftop is slated for installation later this year.

The facility has also created hundreds of jobs for the local community that provide comprehensive benefits, a safe work environment, and a starting pay of at least $15 an hour—double the federal minimum wage. Team members in San Bernardino will work a variety of functions, from loading and unloading aircraft to sorting packages for onward transport.