Altimetrik Opens Five New Offices to Support Continued Global Growth and Strong Client Demand

Following 25% revenue growth in 2019, Altimetrik sets sight on both domestic and international expansion

DETROIT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Altimetrik Corp., a pure play business transformation company helping clients in their business and technology transformation, today announced the opening of five new offices in Tokyo, Vancouver, St. Louis, Detroit, and Bangalore. The company is also expanding many existing offices to meet the needs of its rapidly growing global customer base. This expansion comes off a successful 2019 in which Altimetrik grew revenues 25% year-over-year and increased the number of employees nearly 40%, from 1,800 to 2,500.

“By creating value through data solutions built in an iterative process, we can help companies gain significant business value and optimize its resources through new and more rapid insights,” said Raj Vattikuti, CEO and founder of Altimetrik. “We’re seeing success through our incremental and iterative approach as opposed to a boil-the-ocean approach that we’ve seen other companies take. The latter tends to fall short of expectations, costing organizations in terms of time, resources, and utilizing advances in technology that could help them more effectively compete in their market.”

Altimetrik’s new office in Tokyo marks the company’s first official presence in Japan, established to support work with Altimetrik’s expanding growing list of clients in the country. The office expansion reflects Altimetrik’s continued initiatives to add local presences that service clients in their respective countries and regions.

“Our new St. Louis and Vancouver offices were also specifically opened to establish a local physical presence to key global clients, fostering a closer working relationship with them,” said Raj Sundaresan, Chief Operating Officer of Altimetrik. “Our client relationships are instrumental in our approach, so we won’t hesitate to co-locate our teams to improve collaboration and client outcomes.”

Altimetrik’s new space in Detroit, Michigan, is the company’s first Collider office designed to nurture a hyper-local technology community connecting with local executives, talent, prospective employees, and entrepreneurs. Collider serves as an innovation center for startups and a platform for investing in the technology skills of local talent. Altimetrik plans to open additional Collider offices in select markets.

In addition to opening these five new offices, Altimetrik grew its existing offices in Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad, reflecting the great demand for the company’s services in India. Altimetrik now has 18 locations worldwide, with many other employees working on-site with clients or from an Altimetrik office. The company is currently exploring the opening of its first East European office to increase its presence and expand its clientele on the continent.

About Altimetrik

Altimetrik taps into organizations’ technology, people, and other assets to fuel fast, meaningful business transformation. With practitioners of end-to-end business and technology transformation, the company has delivered measurable results for global enterprise customers across financial services, payments, retail, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries. Founded in 2012 and with offices across the globe and over 2,500 energized employees, Altimetrik partners with Fortune 500 companies to help them become more agile, empowered, and successful.


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