AEC Group Uses Netformx Application Suite to Increase Competitiveness and Margins

  • AEC Group benefits from visibility into Cisco programs and incentives, as well as renewals, and their impact on the business
  • Automation and financial analysis highlight ways to increase competitiveness
  • Integrated suite delivers business value and increases daily efficiency for the entire team

SAN JOSE, Calif. & PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#CCWEstimate--Netformx®, a leader supporting the IT solutions lifecycle from presales to renewal for IT solution and service providers, vendors, and distributors, announced today that AEC Group, LLC, an end-to-end technology solutions integrator serving clients globally, is using the Netformx Application Suite to increase their competitiveness and margins.

The AEC Group has used Netformx DesignXpert for several years to create multi-vendor designs and proposals. They have now adopted the Netformx Application Suite, including DesignXpert, Partner Incentive Tool, Margin Analysis Tool, VIP Calculator, ChannelXpert, and AssetXpert, to gain more insights and visibility into their business. Rather than manually accessing numerous decentralized vendor databases and tools, the Application Suite accesses them automatically, applies complex analytics, enables “what-if” analysis and forecasts, and provides seamlessly integrated views. These provide business value to their customers and enable AEC Group to increase their competitiveness. Benefits include business-focused management of deals, vendor incentives and promotions, and service-attached rates for subscription and contract renewals.

AEC Group, LLC is a technology solutions integrator delivering solutions focused around data center infrastructure, virtualization, data lifecycle management, security, cloud transformation, virtual workspaces, and managed services solutions. They are an end-to-end tech solutions provider and a single source for design, consultation, support, and implementation services.

The Netformx Application Suite provides innovative solutions that simplify IT sales complexity and increase seller profitability through automation, optimization, and analytics. They bring efficiency to the sales lifecycle, including pre-sales, post-sales, and asset management. Netformx applications help Cisco and multi-vendor IT solution providers deliver solutions faster and more efficiently while improving profitability and customer success.

Channel partners can learn more about the Netformx Application Suite at:

Key Facts

  • Netformx provides innovative solutions that simplify IT sales complexity and increase seller profitability.
  • The Netformx suite of applications enables IT solution providers to reduce time-to-quote 80% and reduce implementation error rates by 99%.
  • Channel partners leveraging Netformx solutions report profitability increases of over 1% and in some cases over 5%.
  • Using Netformx award-winning solutions from pre-sales to renewal, over 2,000 customers in more than 120 countries quickly and accurately create differentiated, winning multi-vendor designs, quotes, and proposals, while leveraging business insights and analytics to increase productivity and profitability.

Supporting Quotes

“The Netformx Application Suite gives us a single pane of glass to evaluate the solutions we are putting in front of our customers. We have visibility into different frontend and backend incentives, bundles, and promotions, and VIP calculations as well as VIP forecasts. We can quickly identify gaps and see ways to do things a little differently to be competitive in the market. The analytics enable us to understand our margins and provide the best deal to our customers. Netformx tools give us a competitive edge.”

Sean Troy, VP at AEC Group

“The Netformx Application Suite give us visibility into our business in ways we never had before. Netformx automates and analyzes the data from numerous systems and puts the results at our fingertips in easy-to-understand dashboards. We can now see at a glance whether we are optimizing Cisco promotions and incentives, and the status of customer renewals. Netformx has aggregated a very complex and decentralized sales environment and boiled it down into actionable insights that enable us to manage the business and focus on customer success.”

Brad Zonghetti, VP at AEC Group

“The Netformx Application Suite applies automation, optimization, and analytics throughout the sales and renewals lifecycle to shield solution providers from the complexity of products, services, and vendor programs and incentives. As a result, they can deliver solutions faster and more efficiently while having the important business insights they need to improve profitability and customer success.”

— Ittai Bareket, CEO at Netformx


About Netformx

Netformx enables partners to design and deliver multi-vendor IT solutions quickly and effectively. It helps the Cisco channel increase revenues and create an improved buying experience for their customers. Developed in close collaboration with Cisco, the Netformx application suite streamlines the sales lifecycle for pre-sales, post-sales, and subscription and renewal management. It grows profit margins by optimizing use of Cisco incentives, promotions, discounts, and rebates. Automation and powerful analytics provide business intelligence and actionable insights that enable partners to eliminate manual work, improve efficiency, collaborate, and achieve better business outcomes and customer success.

Netformx has 2,000+ customers globally including AEC, ALE, AT&T, Bell Canada, BT, Cisco, Dimension Data, Insight, Logicalis, Optus, SyCom Tech, and Telstra. Our multi-vendor KnowledgeBase™ contains client and vendor products, services, and program compliance data from vendors such as Cisco, ALE, Check Point, Juniper, and Riverbed., Twitter and LinkedIn.

About AEC Group, LLC

In 2019, AEC Group, LLC (a WBENC organization) was born out of AEC Group, Inc.’s Technology Solutions Division (TSD), which was established in 1999. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, AEC Group is a technology solutions integrator serving clients globally. We have over 25 years of experience delivering solutions focused around data center infrastructure, virtualization, data lifecycle management, security, cloud transformation, virtual workspaces and managed services solutions. As an end-to-end tech solutions provider, we serve SMBs to Fortune 100s as a single source for design, consultation, support and implementation services.


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