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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#marketintelligencesolutions--The COVID-19 pandemic has moved most individuals to a work from home situation, substantially increasing the pressure on telecom industries across the globe. In the United States, the nationwide lockdown has led to high demand for high-speed internet in every household. While major players in the US telecom industry are investing in networks, operations, and other industry trends, the industry is facing a range of entirely different challenges currently. US telecom industry players need to focus on being efficient, customer-centric and restructure their operations, architecture, and networks. Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions help US telecom companies achieve these changes while reducing customer attrition rates, uncovering weak links in their supply chains, and identifying potential future risks. To leverage our market intelligence solutions, and successfully overcome this pandemic, request a free proposal.

“As the United States calls for complete lockdown and imposes restrictions on movement, network usage is skyrocketing. This has put enormous pressure on companies in the US telecom industry to continue delivering critical services to customers,” says a US telecom industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a telecom service provider in the United States, was facing the impact of social distancing and a nationwide lockdown. The sudden increase in demand for networking infrastructure and connectivity caused network resilience and reliability issues for the US telecom industry client. Additionally, multiple service requests at the same time led to the US telecom industry client facing difficulties with upgrading their services for higher bandwidth requirements. Further, the US telecom industry client’s customer attrition rate was high since competitors were offering internet speed-booster packages and higher-performing fiber-optic broadband services. The client, therefore, chose to partner with Infiniti to leverage our expertise in providing market intelligence solutions. In the ten weeks of this engagement, the client sought to undertake steps to ensure continuous delivery, fulfill customers’ priorities, and to reassess their supply chain to uncover weak links.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s research experts developed a three-phased approach to assist the US telecom industry client. The approach included the following:

  • Conducting strategic engagement and scenario analysis to help the client in reviewing insurance coverage, systems capabilities, and cyber readiness
  • Providing hands-on guidance during portfolio strategy and valuation, as well as reassessing the supply chain, and increasing transparency in communications with stakeholders
  • Evaluating financial reporting requirements, communicating impacts to stakeholders, improving tech-enabled functionality, and revaluating cost structures
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of our market intelligence solutions in the US telecom industry by reading the complete article here.

Business Outcome:

By leveraging Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions, the US telecom industry client was able to help customers in upgrading their services to cope with higher bandwidth requirements. The engagement also enabled the client to identify third-party service providers to deploy feedback management tools, thereby gaining a better understanding of customer needs. The client was also able to understand critical risks, including single points of failure. Additionally, the US telecom industry client was able to increase network resiliency and reliability for customers, improve tech-enabled functionality, and realize savings of over $3.3 million.

To further understand strategic initiatives required to overcome the challenges of the US telecom industry, speak to our industry research experts.

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