6feet.com Launches the First Go-to Lifestyle Site for the COVID-19 Era

Reinforces the importance of being closer together socially – while six feet apart physically

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#COVID19--Six Feet Apart announced today the launch of 6feet.com, an online destination that provides resources for the best ways to navigate the world’s new normal. The outlet includes original and sourced content that focuses on health, wellness, lifestyle, food, travel and more.

“COVID-19 has forced us to reimagine the fundamental structure of our daily lives. We created 6feet.com because we realized in our own quests for information, there was no one-stop resource for people seeking helpful content and support during this fundamental societal shift,” said Elise Edwards, who co-founded the website with her husband and healthcare entrepreneur, Jamey Edwards. “Our goal is to spotlight how to manage the new pandemic lifestyle, navigate life’s new normal and chart a positive path forward during the most complicated era of our lifetime.”

Edwards began her career as a writer, anchor and reporter at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta. She then served as supervising producer at E! Networks and has since spearheaded freelance work for numerous magazines and blogs.

“How we work, how we eat, how our kids attend school, how we spend our free time and how we stay healthy has changed,” said Edwards. “6feet.com’s mission is to create a community where we can share tips, best practices and perspectives that show we can be closer together than we think given our current circumstances. We’ll be objective about the challenges but seek those silver linings as well.”

6feet.com is accepting contributors’ content, preferably longer form pieces. The site already houses insight from key thought leaders in business, healthcare and lifestyle, including Sean Kelly, CEO and co- founder of SnackNation and A.J. Wilder, president at Wolcott Architecture.

The site’s human-interest focus will be developed further digitally in video form and in the future will incorporate an e-commerce component.

For content submission guidelines and application, visit https://6feet.com/contribute/.

About Six Feet Apart

Six Feet Apart is a mission-driven lifestyle community aimed at helping people acclimate to the new normal. Its goal is to show that physical distance need not be social distance and that despite masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and distancing, we can be “Closer. Together.TM” It is a place where informed, objective, current lifestyle content can be found without hopping from site to site. From shelter in place to the food you put in your face, from your home office to your home school, 6feet.com keeps readers informed and provides a space to share, learn and connect. For more information, visit www.6feet.com.


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