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4me Locks Up $1.65 Million Seed Investment


PALO ALTO — 4me, a startup dedicated to improving the success of selective outsourcing, has secured $1.65 million in seed funding from Storm Ventures.

4me was founded by a team of service management experts to help organizations stay in control of the services they outsource to managed service providers. In 2017, this startup was accepted into Alchemist Accelerator, the top program specialized in enterprise SaaS startups. Since then, 4me has drawn much attention for its unique focus on enabling outsourcing.

“Organizations are selectively outsourcing more and more services that were historically provided by teams within their IT, HR and Finance departments,” said Cor Winkler Prins, CEO and co-founder of 4me. “They need a solution that provides real-time information about the performance of their managed service providers, and these providers need a more efficient way to collaborate with their customers. The number of services that companies combine to support their core business continues to grow. It is already normal that the IT support organization of an enterprise is responsible for more than 100 services. There is no way they can hire and retain the expertise needed to support all these different services, so they selectively outsource. 4me helps them control this complexity.”

As organizations go through their digital transformation, their employees expect to be able to obtain support whenever they get stuck. Whether they have a question about their pay stub, need help with an IT issue, or have a contract that needs to be reviewed by legal, they should be able to get the support directly from their smartphone. Their requests should automatically be routed to the responsible service provider, which can be a team within the organization or an external service provider.

Founded in 2010, 4me is headquartered in Palo Alto.

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