Y Combinator Invests in Looklive


SAN FRANCISCO — Looklive has announced an investment from Y Combinator and has launched the Looklive app. On the Looklive app, men browse images of their favorite celebrities and the clothing they are wearing, then buy those items directly from the app. You can see what Kanye wore to lunch today or what Frank Underwood wore on last night’s episode of House Of Cards. The men’s fashion market is over $400 billion in annual sales and surprisingly is growing at a faster rate than the women’s fashion market.

“After 15 years of building fashion e-commerce companies, I saw it was time for a new approach,” said Greg Selkoe, Co-founder, Looklive. “Looklive makes it easy to look great without being a fashion expert. It’s like having the same fashion stylist that celebrities have.”

How it works: You open the Looklive app and choose what celebrities & influencers you consider stylish. Looklive will follow them for you. Our image analysis engine and editorial team crawl the Internet to show you different looks those celebrities wore, and then you have the option to buy exactly what they are wearing or a bargain version of it. Looklive already has over 60,000 products and 10,000 images of celebrity fashion looks visited by over 1 million users monthly. Looklive also has exclusive products and behind-the-scenes content from influencers like A$AP Ferg, designer Jeff Staple, and Grammy Award winner Ryan Leslie.

“I’m excited to introduce a new shopping experience for men,” said Cedric Rogers, CEO, Looklive. “Our technology uses data mining and image analysis to put all the latest styles and trends in your hand taking the hassle out of knowing what to wear.”

The Looklive platform also allows content providers to make their content shoppable. Looklive has formed a partnership with Complex Media Group, the global youth media brand recently acquired by Verizon and Hearst. The Complex channel within the Looklive app will feature compelling images from the Complex image library made shoppable by Looklive.

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