Whisk Announces a New AI-Powered Recipe Content Management Platform That Allows Brands and Grocers to Manage and Enrich Recipes to Drive Repeat Customer Engagement and Loyalty

New offering complements shoppable recipe capabilities to provide a complete content-to-commerce solution, Whisk for Business

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Whisk, the Samsung Next food technology platform that takes recipe inspiration from planning to plate, today announced the launch of the Whisk Recipe Content Management Platform. The Recipe Content Management Platform leverages Whisk’s Food Genome™ and machine learning capabilities to systematically structure, enhance and organize recipe databases through automated tagging and nutritional information. As brands look for innovative ways to reach consumers online, this foundational platform enables teams to leverage recipe content in new ways – making it more discoverable, building custom apps and experiences, connecting to loyalty programs, and powering personalized recommendations.

“Whisk’s vision is to help businesses meet consumers where they find their food inspiration and bridge the gap from inspiration to action,” said head of Whisk, Nick Holzherr. “The Whisk Recipe Content Platform makes it super simple to create and manage recipe content and then use that content to power digital recipe experiences anywhere. When combined with the Whisk Shopping Platform, the Whisk for Business offering helps brands and grocers create recipe content, easily integrate recipes into their digital marketing programs, and make that content shoppable.”

While marketers and brands recognize the importance of creating strong food content, the existing, legacy tools to manage and create recipes are unwieldy and disconnected, often keeping recipe content siloed within an organization. This makes it difficult to leverage across channels and requires significant resources to maintain and keep relevant. The lack of structured, intelligent recipe content inhibits marketers who need recipes to create sticky, high-intent experiences that drive repeat engagements.

Creating, Enriching and Managing Recipes

Whisk’s new content platform is purpose-built for regional and global brands, grocers and their marketing, content and nutrition teams to easily create the digital experiences that consumers want. By automating the enrichment of recipes with labels and nutritional information, teams save time and have the foundation to build meal planners, recipe collections and nutrition and dietary guides.

Whisk’s Food Genome™ tags recipes based on ingredients, measurements, quantities, instructions, meal type, dietary fit and cuisine, easing the cumbersome process of manually identifying and tagging recipes so that they are searchable for both SEO purposes as well as for content producers who need to know what content they already have. This also powers Whisk’s advanced recommendation engine, which can take context and user preferences and produce personalized recipe recommendations. Whisk understands which tags are newly relevant to users, and will automatically apply trending tags to existing content, helping to keep it relevant and fresh.

Integrating Recipe Content Across All Platforms

With a robust set of tools and APIs to integrate across systems and customer touchpoints, Whisk ensures recipes can be leveraged to power engaging customer experiences, such as personalized recipe feeds, saved recipe boxes and meal planners. Through Whisk’s APIs and widgets it is easy to connect content created with the Whisk Recipe Content Platform:

  • Plugins: Whisk offers apps allowing you to publish recipe content directly to your website.
  • APIs as a microservice: Whisk acts as a recipe microservice, offering APIs to easily integrate recipe content into existing systems, including marketing automation platforms, other microservices, product experience/information management software (PXM/PIM), product inventory and asset management systems.
  • APIs for app developers: Already used by some of the world’s largest technology and food brands, Whisk APIs provide developers with the existing infrastructure to efficiently build custom apps that feature recipes with advanced capabilities like personalized recommendations and meal planning.

Connecting Content to Commerce

When combined with the Whisk Shopping Platform, brands and retailers are able to make their content shoppable anywhere - on third party websites, through owned channels, and on social media. The Shopping Platform leverages Whisk’s deep, product and store-level integrations with 35+ leading grocers around the world – allowing for precise ingredient matching and inventory visibility and delivering a frictionless experience for consumers connecting recipes to shopping carts.

Most importantly, the Whisk Shopping platform provides retailers with enhanced insight into every step of the customer journey with superior engagement compared to traditional “add to cart” commerce solutions, allowing them to understand the correlations between content and product purchases. From identifying what content engages customers best in which channels, to identifying emerging food and ingredients trends ahead of the competition, Whisk provides detailed reports on consumer recipe, shopping and meal planning behaviors.

The Whisk Recipe Content Platform is currently available as a tiered subscription model for CPG brands and grocers. To learn more about Whisk, visit https://whisk.com/business/recipe-content-platform/.

About Whisk

Whisk powers the creation, discovery, personalization and monetization of food content online, in-store and at home. Whisk partners with the world’s largest retailers, publishers, CPG brands and health companies to help them connect with their consumers and drive product purchases at every stage of their food journey - from inspiration and consideration to purchase and preparation. Whisk was founded in 2012 and was acquired by Samsung Next in March 2019. For more information, visit https://whisk.com/business/.


Rhiannon Pacheco