Venture Funding

Wescover Snags $3 Million Seed Round

SAN FRANCISCOWescover, an app that helps you find info about designer products, has snagged a $3 million seed round from investors Draper Associates, Floodgate, Tank Hill Ventures, and Maveron.

Wescover makes any space a showroom. Whether a consumer is sitting in a unique armchair at the Ace Hotel or spots the perfect light fixture at a design Influencer’s house, she/he can look up items in the real world and bring home that exact piece. Wescover gives physical objects digital context— like in a store or a gallery —so that consumers can find the brands and the stories behind them.

Based in San Francisco with development teams out of Israel, Wescover is founded by serial entrepreneurs and business partners, Rachely Esman and Yoad Snapir. Rachely had the idea for Wescover when she relocated from Israel to San Francisco, “Finding great, unique products is hard and I care where I spend my money and which brands I support when buying from them. When I was looking to furnish my house, I was in the market for everything from tableware to chairs. I kept seeing amazing items everywhere I’d go, whether that’d be at a restaurant, a coffee shop, hotel, or even online. But it was very hard to find the details on who made that and how to get it. It took a ton of research and usually the best I could find was something similar.”

Tim Draper, Partner at Draper Associates, “We loved [founder] Rachely and Wescover’s vision of turning the world into a showroom. We strongly believe that the world is gearing up for discovery and search in the physical world, and we are impressed by Wescover’s technology and rapid spread. This is the future of discovery.”

Consumers are spotting inspiring things everywhere but unable to find the unique, impactful products they’re encountering. Platforms like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram are great at generating interests and inspiration, however, their users have trouble sourcing what they see. If they love that chair at the Ace Hotel, it’ll take hard work to find that exact product. While another blue chair may look similar, it won’t have the same materials, quality, or story.