Trump’s Tweets of the Week

Donald Trump has just completed his first week as President of the United States and he is still using his personal Twitter account to send out messages and attack those who oppose him.

Trump now has 22.6 million followers on Twitter.

We have compiled some of his best tweets this week.

In several tweets this morning, Trump railed against The NY Times and Washington Post for their coverage of him calling the media outlets Fake News and Dishonest. The posts also included some typos.

Trump praised Fox News while also calling CNN Fake News.

Trump also created an international incident with Mexico with his Executive Order to construct a wall on the southern border. The Mexican President canceled a planned visit to the U.S. next week.

The President on Wednesday threatened to send in the federal government to deal with the high number of murders in the city of Chicago.

On Thursday, Trump ripped into Chelsea Manning, a U.S. soldier convicted of espionage and pardoned by President Obama last month. Trump called Manning a traitor and defended Obama, whom Manning called a weak leader.

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