Travel Searches to U.S. Decline Since Trump Ban


Flight searches to the United States have declined since President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order banning travel from seven mostly-Muslim countries.

Research by travel data site Hopper has seen a drop in interest in flying to the U.S. from many countries with the exception of Russia, which is up 88%. Searches from China are down 33%, Ireland down 32%, Australia down 25%, Brazil down 16%, UK down 9%.

San Francisco has seen a larger decline in travel searches according to Hopper Research compared to NYC and Boston on the East Coast.

Here are some results from the Hopper study:

  • Flight search demand from international origins to the US has dropped 17% overall since Trump’s inauguration, and the implementation of the travel ban, compared to the final weeks of the Obama presidency.
  • Flight search demand to the US has fallen in 94 of 122 origin countries where we have significant data.
  • A notable exception is Russia where flight search demand to the US is up a whopping 88%.
  • Weekly search demand for flights to the US is down 33% from countries included in the travel ban
  • International demand is down for all major US destinations, though east coast destinations have fared better than average with New York and Boston suffering least. San Francisco and Las Vegas have seen the largest declines in search interest.
  • Hopper has seen little impact on pricing so far, but the airfare market typically takes weeks rather than days to react
  • Last year, Hopper saw only a 1.8% decline for the comparable time period which suggests the change is not a simple seasonal effect

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