Telliris Announces Telliris Attend Version 2.8.0 with Long Term Support to 2029

New Version Release Date - 2020-07-31

SHELTON, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Telliris, a leading provider of IVR solutions for workforce management and time & attendance announced it has released Telliris Attend version 2.8.0 which features Long Term Support (LTS) to 2029.

Telliris Attend version 2.8.0 is a natural progression of version 2.5.4 which was released in May of 2019. The new version has tight integration with additional new Workforce Management solutions, new features, and is built to have an exceptionally long life.

Over the years organizations have expressed a strong desire to keep their entire IT environment up to date to both ensure high uptime as well as maximize data security. Unlike consumer products which are updated as frequently as monthly, software solutions for the enterprise benefit greatly by a long life cycle. Telliris Attend was first released in 2002 and the longest term customers are approaching 20 years. Telliris is built from the top down to operate for long periods of time with near zero administration. The new version with support until 2029 is in accord with this overall Telliris strategy.

A major prerequisite to implement long term support (LTS) is the planned availability of all major software subsystems. This prerequisite starts with the operating system and includes major subsystems such as database, telecommunications, and web. Telliris is built upon the most current LTS version of the Red Hat / CentOS Linux operating system – version 8.2. The same holds true for all other subsystems, they are all designated LTS.

From an appearance and usage perspective there are minimal changes between version 2.5.x and version 2.8.x. Retraining is not necessary and migration from the earlier version is facilitated by automated utilities such as for audio file transfer. The migration process and utilities are almost identical to “Update to version 2.5” from years ago. The Telliris one step install process along with migration utilities make it straight forward and routine to move to the new version. The one step installation takes a new server / VM and loads all software in 10 to 15 minutes so it is ready to accept inbound calls. The one step install along with migration utilities and documentation make it a routine process which is greatly appreciated by the Telliris channel partner community. Telliris products are sold, installed, and maintained by channel partners that provide it alongside their workforce management, human capital management, and time and attendance products.

As usual, testing included high capacity operation with multiple Telliris nodes processing at maximum rated capacity. An example test cycle, a five hour test with 15 nodes running at 100% load, processed over 2,250,000 transactions. This test is substantially more demanding than normal production usage which commonly peaks for short durations at the top of the hour. Performance testing was performed in the public cloud with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), in a virtualized environment with VMWare ESXi version 6.7, and native bare metal with HP ProLiant DL360p Gen 8 servers.

"Telliris recognized a strong desire for Long Term Support by its channel partners and their end-customers a long time ago," said Mark Nickson, Managing Director at Telliris. "Our products are in the telecommunications category and are expected to have an exceptionally long lifecycle.” With the new version, HR departments and the IT departments that service them can depend on long term support with periodic updates along the way for the decade ahead which just started. “That’s it; once version 2.8 is provisioned it’s good to go for the next 10 years.”

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