Taiwan Showcases Latest Innovative Smart & Functional Textiles at Functional Fabric Fair Portland

Press Conference Highlights on Technological Advancements, Sustainable Performance Blends, Carbon Footprint Solutions and More

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) will be showcasing the country’s leading sustainable textiles and performance fabrics during the Taiwan Smart & Functional Textiles Press Conference at the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland. On Tuesday, October 22nd from 2-3 pm, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in the discussion by industry leaders on the latest trends in eco-textiles, how choosing the right fabric can reduce a company’s carbon footprint and more in the Oregon Convention Center conference room C123.

“Taiwan leading textile manufacturers supply the world’s best sports and outdoor brands with high-quality fabrics for their performance apparel,” said Ruth Chang, Director of Taiwan Trade Center, Vancouver. “As the world’s largest producer of functional fabric, the country’s textile industry is home to cutting-edge techniques, new technologies and the development of groundbreaking industry standards.”

Taiwan’s textile industry is a major provider of functional fabrics for well-known international outdoor and sportswear brands and is widely recognized across the globe. Today, Taiwan accounts for 70% of the world’s output of functional fabrics. The Taiwan Smart & Functional Textiles Press Conference will feature presentations from the most influential companies within Taiwan’s textile industry, including:

  • Singtex Industrial Company, Ltd. (Booth #620) is one of Taiwan’s most prominent fabric manufacturers. Founded in 1989, Singtex has placed an emphasis on the continuous R&D of new fashion, functional and environment-friendly fabrics. Having several patented technologies, Singtex provides water repellent and breathable fabric, which is widely used by many well-known outdoor brands. Singtex also developed the odor-controlling S.Café® yarn, which is made from coffee grounds and recycled bottles.
  • Men-Chuen Fibre Industry Co., Ltd. (Booth #105) is a renowned textile knitting and dyeing & finishing manufacturer, as well as an important importer and exporter of textiles. Headquartered in Taipei City, Men-Chuen has provided fashionable yet functional woven goods to international markets since founded in 1987. With a focus on innovation and R&D, Men-Chuen quickly responds to the requirements of the market and its clientsincluding the world’s leading sports brandswith top-of-the-line, green textiles.
  • Hyperbola (Booth #308) is a fresh but creative textile company that has grown rapidly to become one of top 4 textile enterprises in Taiwan. Founded in 2001, Hyperbola’s vision is to present functional fashion ideas and never restrain itself by traditional limits. Run by a team with diverse educational backgrounds and strengths, the company continues to position itself as an innovative, industry-leading textile company that integrates design and performance fabrics.

Today, nearly 50% of all fabric is made from recycled materials and Taiwan is leading this big change throughout the global textile industry. Recycled yarnsused for apparel, industrial and sport accessoriesare growing in importance and are a core part of the Taiwan textile industry in order to reduce negative impact to the environment. As a leader in recycled polymer and polymer blends, the country is constantly introducing new sustainable textile developments, which combine high-tech, ecology, function and life aesthetics, such as the latest recycled Nylon from ocean waste and water-free dyeing setting new definitions to modern textiles.

With the strong development and integration abilities for functional artificial fibers, as well as the ability to provide a wide variety of customized fabrics in small quantities, Taiwan continues to develop competitive advantages in functional, environmental-friendly and smart fabric. Our textile industry also features low pollution and low energy consumption with production process, innovative technologies in its semiconductor and biomedical industries, electronic components, and cross industrial integration.

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Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is the foremost non-profit, semi-governmental trade promotion organization in Taiwan. Founded in 1970 to help promote foreign trade, TAITRA is jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations. TAITRA assists Taiwanese businesses in strengthening their international competitiveness and in dealing with the challenges they face in foreign markets. TAITRA boasts a well-coordinated trade promotion and information network consisting of over 1,200 trained specialists stationed throughout its Taipei headquarters and 60 branches worldwide. Together with sister organizations, the Taiwan Trade Center (TTC) and Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), TAITRA has created a wealth of trade opportunities through effective promotion strategies.


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