Splunk Expands in Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO  – Splunk is expanding in the region with new lease agreements at 250 Brannan Street in San Francisco, and 700 Santana Row in San Jose, nearly doubling Splunk’s footprint in the Bay Area. Driven by the rapid digitization of organizations, alongside the company’s accelerated growth in IT, Security and IoT, the new office expansions will allow for over 2,000 additional employees, solidifying Splunk’s place as one of the largest and fastest growing employers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Splunk currently has over 4,000 employees and reports over 16,000 customers.

“As Splunk continues to grow and hire across the company, it is critical we provide our employees the best possible work environment,” said Doug Merritt, President and CEO, Splunk. “We’re thrilled to continue our expansion in San Francisco and San Jose and proud to be bringing many jobs to the Bay Area.”

As Splunk’s market opportunity has grown over the years, so has its presence in its home base of San Francisco. Splunk called 250 Brannan Street in San Francisco home for many years before moving into a new headquarters building next door at 270 Brannan. Splunk’s expansion into 250 Brannan will return the company to its roots and provide a large urban campus with 270 Brannan.

In 2016, Splunk expanded its Bay Area space by opening up a new, state-of-the-art facility at 500 Santana Row in San Jose. Splunk’s expansion to 700 Santana Row, through its partner Federal Realty, will create Splunk’s largest campus in the world at over 500,000 square feet.