Sonde Health Launches Self-Serve API that Detects Symptoms of Respiratory Disease from Changes in Voice

New Developer Portal enables any organization to quickly, easily, and affordably embed vocal biomarker health detection and monitoring in its mobile apps

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#API--Today, Sonde Health has revealed a new Developer Portal that provides any team access to build with the company’s advanced vocal biomarker-based health check technology. As part of the launch, Sonde has introduced a new self-serve API (application programming interface) and documentation to allow developers to quickly, easily, and autonomously integrate Sonde’s voice-enabled respiratory symptoms checker into their own iOS and Android mobile applications.

Built on research from over 1 million voice samples and 80,000 individuals, Sonde’s health condition monitoring technology uses advanced audio signal processing and machine learning to sense and analyze subtle changes in the voice due to changes in a person’s physiology. With a 6-second voice sample, the platform detects with more than 70% accuracy symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness or pain, which are found in several respiratory diseases. Because Sonde’s health check only takes a few seconds to administer and results are delivered in real-time over most mobile devices, scaled daily screening of large populations can be achieved to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses, such as COVID-19 or influenza.

Now, this technology is officially available on a self-serve basis to developers and organizations of all sizes worldwide. Through Sonde Health’s Developer Portal, software engineers can quickly access all the documentation, code snippets, and tools needed to give their users a unique and objective way to detect respiratory conditions, including asthma, COPD, COVID-19, and influenza, from just seconds of voice.

“At Sonde, we’re building products and technologies that empower people to proactively understand and manage their health, and we want to share them with the world,” said David Liu, CEO for Sonde Health. “We created the Developer Portal and self-serve API to spur innovation outside of Sonde so more people can benefit from our voice-enabled health check capabilities. We can’t wait to see what new use cases are imagined to deliver actionable health data and insights to people.”

Sonde’s API platform is HIPAA compliant and allows any organization to utilize Sonde vocometers to collect, measure, and score (on a scale of 0-100) voice recordings for symptoms of respiratory disease within their own applications. Developers can also incorporate demographic or health-based questions (such as age, how is your cough today, etc.) into the workflow to better tailor the resources and recommendations their app serves users.

For instance, the technology is being used today alongside a CDC-informed COVID-19 symptoms questionnaire and temperature reading within the Sonde One COVID-19 symptom monitoring app. The Developer Portal and its self-serve capabilities increase the potential reach, speed-to-market, and adoption of Sonde’s current and future voice-based health check APIs.

With a credit card and for as little as $0.15 per health check, healthcare providers and remote health monitoring companies, for example, can integrate Sonde’s vocal biomarker technology into their patient-facing apps to monitor respiratory health trends, catch symptoms early, and connect patients with provider resources if needed. By making all the required documentation and tools available within the portal, Sonde eliminates unnecessary delays and enables organizations to start testing and integrating the technology into their own software in less than a day.

Building on Sonde’s API is fast, easy, and free to get started. Simply visit Sonde Health's Developer Portal and register with an email address. Organizations that require higher health check volumes, customized support, and reporting can speak with Sonde’s sales team at

About Sonde Health

Leveraging over 1 million voice samples from 80,000+ individuals, Sonde Health’s proprietary voice-based technology platform detects symptoms of health conditions – like depression and respiratory disease – from changes in voice. Using advanced audio signal processing and machine learning, Sonde senses and analyzes subtle vocal changes due to changes in a person’s physiology to provide early health detection and monitoring.

Sonde One, its health screening app, helps large organizations to execute a daily population screening regimen that helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, comply with government mandates, and return to work safely. Sonde also has broad intellectual property coverage worldwide and licenses its technology through its API platform.


Denise DiMeglio
Gregory FCA