Softbank Robotics Teams Up With EverAI


pepperrobotSAN FRANCISCO — SoftBank Robotics (SBR), the North American arm of SoftBank Robotics Group, is teaming up with Ever AI, the world’s most advanced face recognition platform, for integration with its humanoid customer engagement robot, Pepper. Known for its friendly demeanor and emotion-detecting AI, Pepper’s capabilities will be enhanced by Ever AI’s technology, bringing new levels of personalization to its interactions with business patrons.

“There’s something incredibly welcoming and powerful about being greeted by name,” stated Steve Carlin, Chief Strategy Officer for SoftBank Robotics. “Ever AI’s platform will bring new levels of sophistication to Pepper’s interactions, to deliver not only vital information to customers, but tailored, personalized, messages that drive businesses’ bottom lines.”

Complementing the robot’s unique and engaging form factor, the integration of Ever AI’s face recognition APIs and SDKs will enable Pepper to not only welcome customers, but, when connected to a company’s CRM, identify and greet them by name. With Pepper’s applicability for businesses ranging from retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial services and other customer-facing sectors, this collaboration will enable Pepper to deliver highly personalized and impactful customer communications that drive profits in a fresh and engaging way.

Ever AI’s industry-leading face recognition technology has been developed over several years and honed across the company’s globally diverse database of 12B consumer photos. Combined with Pepper’s ability to engage with patrons, and deliver vital information and messages, this large, unique dataset, will ensure Pepper’s ability to immediately recognize customers, and with better recall. By enhancing Pepper’s vision with Ever AI, SoftBank Robotics’ customers can easily capture customer insights and analytics, and better inform marketing and sales messages.

“Pepper has already proven itself as a fascinating helper for businesses interested in upleveling customer engagement,” stated Doug Aley, Chief Revenue Officer of Ever AI. “By incorporating Ever AI, the fastest and most accurate face recognition platform available, Pepper will only further allow businesses across consumer-centric industries to take their marketing capabilities and in-person customer interactions to new heights.”

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