Shipyard – Powerful New Workflow Platform to Manage DataOps at Record Speeds

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#bigdata--Shipyard today announced the release of its serverless data workflow platform. Shipyard empowers Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts to quickly launch and share interconnected solutions that drive action and ROI from their data, no matter which cloud services they use.

“Companies today have access to more data than ever, but they continue struggling to make use of it,” says Blake Burch, co-founder of Shipyard. “We’re leading the charge to lower the barrier to entry and make it possible for everyone to quickly automate and action on their organization’s data.”

Shipyard is uniquely positioned to help:

- Connect your data stack with over 50 ready-to-use integrations that move and manipulate large data sets between major databases, cloud storage providers, and messaging platforms without needing to code.

- Tackle any data challenge with native support for Python, SQL, and Bash. Teams can develop custom business logic and use their favorite external packages like DBT, Great Expectations, or Pandas. Solutions can be reused and integrated across workflows, without any proprietary configuration.

- Create and manage complex workflows intuitively with a visual editor. Shipyard takes an innovative approach to workflows by seamlessly passing data between every step. This creates a system of true modularity, opening up possibilities where teams can mix and match single-purpose scripts with less maintenance.

- Power your DataOps with cloud-native infrastructure that’s designed for big data processing and lengthy execution times. Shipyard handles the heavy lifting of scaling, scheduling, queuing, retrying, containerization, monitoring, and alerting so teams can focus on what they’re best at. Anyone can jump into the platform and build solutions immediately without weeks of backend setup.

For teams building data quality assurance alerts, sending data to external partners, or building ETL pipelines, Shipyard can help them avoid hurdles and get to production 10x faster. The platform has a free 14-day trial, with paid plans starting at $195/month.

About Shipyard: Shipyard is driven by a mission to simplify every company’s data operations. They are creating an ecosystem where organizations can break down data silos and move beyond dashboards towards a future of fully automated, data-driven actions. The founding team draws on their previous experience at top agencies and media companies, handling high-throughput digital advertising and inventory data for Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit


Blake Burch
Shipyard, LLC