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ShiftLeft Exits Stealth Mode With $9.3 Million Funding

SANTA CLARA — ShiftLeft Inc., a startup developing application-specific cloud security, has emerged from stealth mode and is launching with a $9.3 million Series A round of funding from Bain Capital Ventures and Mayfield, and from individual investors including Sanjay Poonen, COO of VMware; Tobias Knaup, CTO of Mesosphere; and Prabhu Goel, father of Verilog.

Enrique Salem, Bain Capital Ventures managing director, FireEye board chairman, and former Symantec CEO; and Ursheet Parikh, Mayfield partner and StorSimple founder and former CEO, have joined the company’s Board of Directors.

With its exit from stealth mode, ShiftLeft also announced the general availability of the industry’s only fully-automated Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) for cloud software that understands the security needs of each version of each application, and creates custom security and threat detection for it.

“Lack of security expertise, coupled with alert fatigue caused by traditional security solutions, is fundamentally at odds with today’s rapid pace of software development,” said Mr. Salem. “Recognizing the need for a more accurate and an equally-agile security methodology, ShiftLeft has built a solution purpose-built to operationalize security for the new, highly-agile cloud applications. We are thrilled to have ShiftLeft join our security portfolio and to help the company revolutionize the software security industry.”

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