Safety Vision Equips Local Houston Jewelry Center With New IR Thermometer Technology

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#buildingsecurity--As New York has the “Diamond District,” and Los Angeles has the “Jewelry District,“ Houston has “The Jewelry Center.” The Jewelry Center recently installed multiple Safety Vision IR Thermometers throughout the retail space, providing safe ingress and egress into a high foot traffic environment requiring a high level of safety and security.

The Jewelry Center is in PlazAmericas Mall, a 30-year Houston landmark for diamonds, gold, and precious gems. Home to over 100 tenants covering 10 floors and 120,000 square feet wholesale space. As hundreds of visitors enter the retail space per day, the need for quickly performing temperature scans was imperative. The Safety Vision IR Thermometer scans either the forehead or hand and provides a quick digital readout and verbal response with a variety of mounting options.

“Quickly performing temperature scans bring ease of mind to our tenants and patrons,” says Marcus Bailey, CRE Property Manager for the Jewelry Center. “It was easily installed in a matter of minutes and can be adopted in any facility where access in high volume areas can perform scans quickly.”

Safety Vision’s IR thermometer is both a mobile and fixed building application that can be used inside any retail space or vendor vehicle applications. Bringing nearly three decades of experience to fleets world-wide, with technology that helps make their operations easier and keeps their employees safer, Safety Vision’s mission is to provide innovative safety solutions to all companies world-wide.

About Safety Vision, L.L.C.

Safety Vision is among the most recognized vendors of mobile video surveillance solutions in North America since 1993. Our comprehensive solutions continually enhance vehicular safety in both the private and public sectors. Safety Vision’s product offering includes digital video recorders, network video recorders, hybrid video recorders, analog and IP cameras, rear vision cameras, as well as a suite of intuitive software. Safety Vision prides itself on its forward-thinking ideology, comprehensive solutions, extensive client list, and proven results.


Jamie Hawkins
Marketing Director