QuoLab Announces Partnership with C5 Capital, Increasing Foothold in the Federal Marketplace

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--QuoLab Technologies, provider of a data-centric security operations platform (SOP), today announced its partnership with C5 Accelerate (C5A). C5A is the early-stage arm of C5 Capital, a specialist investment firm dedicated to nurturing a secure digital future through investing in and growing best-in-breed companies within the cyber, space, AI and cloud sectors. QuoLab will be working with the group’s Advisory program, which will map, match, and monitor opportunities for the company in the federal space and augment QuoLab’s already impressive traction in commercial markets. This support, along with QuoLab’s robust sales engine, will allow QuoLab to continue their market penetration and further expand information sharing and collaboration among some of the most security conscious organizations in the nation.

“Partnering with C5 will open up doors for QuoLab and allow us to reach more federal customers,” said Daniel Young, CEO and Partner of QuoLab Technologies. “By strengthening our foothold into the federal space, we will be able to continue innovating and developing new ways to enhance our platform’s capabilities, all while helping to protect our nation from cyber threats.”

The need for QuoLab’s innovative security operations platform (SOP) is felt acutely in the government sector where executing coordinated defense within and among organizations is imperative to ensuring national security. However, compartmentalized internal team structures, the intense security required to protect the data in question, external third parties, and ever-increasing regulatory requirements make information sharing a much more complex undertaking. QuoLab delivers to the federal marketplace a unified workspace where analysts, researchers and IR specialists within different agencies can join together to curtail cyber-attacks.

“When we decide to partner with a company, it’s because we truly believe in what they’re doing,” said Kurt Scherer, Managing Partner, C5 Impact Partners, an early-stage technology fund, and C5 Accelerate. “QuoLab is led by a mission-driven group, and this trait aligns well with what we do, from both a platform perspective and a personal one. We see QuoLab as an excellent example of bringing private sector innovation to the public sector, and we’re eager to see their SOP become a common tool for federal security teams.”

Through the partnership with C5, QuoLab will have access to other security experts partnering with C5, allowing the company to build on its mission to collaborate and leverage their expertise so that it can continue to be an innovative force within the security industry.

This announcement follows the company’s recent QuoLab Partner Program (QPP) launch, further highlighting the company’s continuous goal of building strong relationships necessary to broaden its reach around the world, thus increasing collaboration and intelligence sharing. To learn more about QuoLab Technologies, please visit: https://quolab.com/.

About QuoLab Technologies
QuoLab Technologies empowers security professionals to analyze, investigate and respond to threats within an integrated ecosystem. The collaborative, data-centric platform merges deep analytics and intuitive workflows, enabling human operators to efficiently deliver on their mission. The company believes that increased focus on cooperation, combined with scalable, distributed data handling and processing techniques is the key to gaining a decisive advantage in the ever-evolving security operations space.


Dan Warren
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